Choose the preferred hosting option to run Qorrect system in your institution

Both of our hosting plans can fulfill your needs for the secure delivery of exams

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting

Qorrect is hosted by Microsoft Azure to deliver high security and data protection. Enjoy the convenience and benefits of cloud hosting.

  • Why cloud hosting?

  • Accessible anywhere and anytime.

    High performance and stability.

    Instant updates and continuous support.

    Less expensive than installing special IT infrastructure.

Qorrect cloud hosting offers easy management of your work and accessibility virtually anywhere; all with the benefits of high performance and security.

You can reserve one or more accounts for you and your team. Just specify the package, features, and the level of Qorrect performance you need.

On-Premise Hosting

On-premise hosting

Qorrect can be hosted at your location so you can benefit from more facilities and the highest security settings.

  • Why On-Premise Hosting?

  • Most suitable for an existing reliable IT infrastructure at your location.

    More control and the highest level of security.

    Suitable for existing large bandwidth.

    Suitable for a large budget.

On-premise hosting allows you to install Qorrect at your location and offers more control, better security, and trackable environment conditions, yet it requires a large budget.

You can request the product for your own location and the Qorrect team will handle all the requirements based on your needs and request. Qorrect will be deployed to your premise where you can start benefiting from its features and capabilities.

Learn more about how Qorrect system can help you to improve the educational assessment process within your institution.