Our Assessment Solution

Item Authoring

Qorrect offers powerful and flexible functions for systemized management of your test authoring processes. Write, review, and approve items utilizing a controlled workflow.

Item Banking

Qorrect supports a wide spectrum of item repository and routing needs. Store, organize, categorize, and reuse the items you’ve created.

Exam Creation

Qorrect allows you to create your exams based on a wide range of criteria and provides you the tools to help you create them however you like.

Exam Delivery

Qorrect allows you to deliver your exams online or offline. Create and administer your exams online, or simplify and streamline your offline exam process with OMR software.

Reporting and Analysis

Qorrect provides a wide variety of reporting and analytical tools to assist teachers and instructors in education-related decision making. Know how useful the items were, what they’re difficulty levels turned out to be, and whether they should be adjusted or removed for future assessments.

Data Protection and Security

Qorrect offers data protection and security through several of its features including role-based security, encryption, data verification and validation, and data maintenance.


Everything You Need For Assessment

Powerful and flexible tools and features for a stress-free and efficient assessment process.

More Than Just Item Banking

A wide spectrum of item repository and routing needs, so you can manage your items the way you want to.

Data Protection and Security

Qorrect utilizes data verification and validation, cross-checking, and the control of duplicate copies to ensure proper maintenance and accuracy.

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The Easiest and Smarter Assess

Effective and Efficient Assessment

Qorrect offers you a time-saving smart assessment experience. Create items, save them for future use, create multiple exams, generate results.

Wide Range of Analytical Tools

Generate analyses and reports to improve the learning experience and future assessments

Safe, Secure, and

Your data is secured with Qorrect’s encryption features. Qorrect also allows you to set privileges and rules for the roles in the assessment process.