What is Qorrect ?

Qorrect is a smart assessment system that helps you to create a balanced exam, deliver it to the examinees through multiple platforms (computers, tablets, smartphones or printed papers) and analyzing the results in a few simple steps.

Psychometric analysis

1- Create Exam

Create a well balanced exams that matches with your learning objectives.

Psychometric analysis

2- Deliver Exam

Deliver your exams to the examinees securely online or in printed papers.

Psychometric analysis

3- Analyze Exam

Use our powerful analytics to get a detailed analysis of the exam results.

Why Qorrect?

Our system is created and designed to facilitate the assessment process for your institution

All-in-one platform for all assessment needs

Three modules dedicated to facilitate and improve your assessment process

Item authoring and banking and exam creation made easy

Store unlimited number of items and perform mass operations on a group of items

Your exams will be delivered securely via all platforms

Our delivery portal provides you with a high level of security and prevents cheating

Helping your educational institution to get accredited

Qorrect helps you to get all required data for the global accreditation organizations

Deliver your exams to the examiness via all platforms

By using our delivery portal you can easily deliver your exams online or on papers

Powerful reporting system and instant psychometric analysis

You can easily get detailed reports of the exam results and item response statistics

Balanced exams as well as the ability to enhance items

You can enhance the items that used in any previous exam based on its’ feedback

Easy Integration with multiple apps

Qorrect Integrates with your LMS, digital library or any other app

Flexible hosting plans

You can host Qorrect system on cloud or on your own local server

Explore the main portals of Qorrect system

Core Portal

Course Management, Item Authoring,
Item Banking and Exam Creation

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Delivery Portal

Web Delivery, Mobile Delivery
and Printed Exams

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Analysis Portal

Basic Analysis and Advanced Analysis

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Solution for every Sector


Higher Education

Training Programs

Hosting of your Choice :
Cloud/ On-Premises

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Dr Fathy Khodair

We are very proud to implement this system, and we hope it will be implemented in all faculties
in Egypt as a general method for exam creation and assessment

Prof. Dr.\ Fathy Khodair
Dean of Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University