The Most Advanced and Up-to-Date Methods to Deliver Your Exams Securely

Put Your Institution on the Map with Our Reliable Exams Delivery System

Chosen by the best… No more jumping from one exam application to another. Qorrect offers an end-to-end suite from exam creation and delivery to exam analytics. We deliver your exams online or in printable paper forms with advanced OMR technology, AI and live proctoring, and more!

Advanced, Reliable E-Exams

It just takes a few clicks to start a well-built e-exam, generate different exam forms, and receive instant results via Qorrect. That's right. Forget all the e-exams hassle from past years and in with reliable exam security tools, encrypted data, safe exam browsers, and auto-saving features

Answer Paper-Based Exams via a Pen, Pencil, or Even a Marker

You didn't design the best reliable assessment only to worry over whether you can deliver in printable paper forms to your students. We’ve got you covered! Qorrect’s all-inclusive solution easily integrates with OMR technology and manages paper-based exams for you

Whether your students are 200 or 200000, our online exam delivery system will deliver your exams to them securely through any device at any time

Propel Your Test Delivery Forward

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Control Your Exam Flow

Grab the power to set your exam’s behavior and how it works from start to end. Set exam timing and questions layout. Do you wish for all questions to show in a single page, or item by item, per page? Choose whether to apply questions shuffling and skipping or not, etc.

Offering Offline Mode Or Grace Period

We provide you with a world of options to choose from in each scenario. If the Internet connection is down for a long period during the exam time, you can choose adding a grace period of 24 hours, where students finish the exam offline on time and answers are uploaded once the Internet is back.

Exams Delivered Anywhere… Anytime

You can use all types of platforms for your exams: Windows, Mac, and smartphones. No matter what your device is, no matter where your students are, and regardless whether they are 20 or 2000, we deliver fast, secure, and reliable exams anytime

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