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Qorrect is your long-term partner for higher education assessment. We help you stay ahead of the curve, administer top-quality e-exams on any platform, and manage your university’s e-assessments workflow. Get to define an unlimited number of courses, set their metrics, choose questions types, connect them all together, and deliver the best e-assessments

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Scale Your Higher Education E-Assessments to Success and Beyond

It’s time to automate your assessment journey every step of the way. Want to create your own items bank, connect it to your course objectives, create automated exams, and smoothly conduct multiple test forms for the same exam? Our team delivers a specialized all-in-one solution to accelerate your assessments success

AI Proctoring Tools for Effective Assessments

The demand for advanced tech in higher education is increasing. Qorrect’s AI and live proctoring tools help you administer more secure and protected assessments, reporting any academic violations to you, while its onboarding features let you test your students devices and get them ready for the exam early on

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It’s more than just automating assessments. Qorrect is your long-term partner for success

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Exam Marking Process with Qorrect

We’re passionate about deeply understanding all your higher ed needs for assessments, and that includes helping you handle grading in seconds! Qorrect assessment system provides both automated and manual marking. Because we want to bring more value, you can also choose double-check marking or doing it with a reviewer available

Power Your Exam Analytics Tools, Change Your Education Future

The starting point for quality assessments is a powerful analytics module. Just type in your own rubric dimensions, pick your layout, and administer the exam online, offline, or by paper, while Qorrect’s analytics work behind the scenes for accurate reports on items difficulty, answer time, examinee behavior, and exam analytics

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We Are Your Items Bank Experts

Our experienced team of developers and educators are here to lead you through the maze of assessment analytics and items bank workflow. We offer more than one superbly prepared interface for your assessment journey: course creators, question writers, exam creators, reviewers, and exam managers. We invite you to learn more…

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