Create Unlimited Courses with the Specifications that Match All Your Educational Needs

A Powerful Course Management System …Experience How It All Comes Together

Get to know what it feels like to build an unlimited number of courses with dynamic structure, from A to Z with our course management system. Manage your course items, to reach the desired results: the easiest way to link your courses with exams is now possible!

Define Your Own Courses… It’s Easy, Fast, and Fun!

With over 500,000 well-balanced, well-formed online and offline exams completed, we guarantee top-of-the-line assessment software. Start by defining your own structured courses now and input their information, e.g., credit hours or weight, to establish the best designed exam questions

Amazing Tools to Measure Students Cognitive Levels

Our solution can boost your assessments’ quality to meet the standard academic educational theories. Easily assess your students’ higher and lower thinking skills according to Bloom’s new theory. Measure their (HOTS) analysis, evaluation, and creativity as well as (LOTS) remembering, understanding, and applying

Create Balanced Exams Now

You worked hard to deliver the best education. Now leverage Qorrect and develop the best assessments based on your lessons’ intended learning outcomes (ILOs). All you have to do is just define the ILO of your content item, create your e-exam, and sit back and watch Qorrect generate highly accurate exam results and reports

Easily Create Courses for Your Educational Institution and Participate in Boosting its Digital Transformation Endeavours.

Everything You Need to Build Your Own Course Structure

Want to customize your desired course structure? Break down your courses into units, chapters, lessons, etc. with Qorrect's fast course builder. We deliver awesome, out-of-the box design tools to get you started building your course in seconds and linking them to your ILOs and cognitive levels

We’re Serious about Transforming Course Metrics into High-Quality Assessments!

Always stay on top of things with our course management system. You only have to define all your course metrics for us and we'll worry about everything else! Transfer your knowledge into a digitally rich data system that makes you incredibly scale your assessment process

Save Time and Optimize Qorrect’s Grading Process

This module provides you with all of the basic reports about the exam results in addition to the basic features of analytics for the assessment process. Stand out among other higher ed and K-12 institutions, explore Qorrect's grading features that fit your every need, and manage your grading criteria the most advanced way! How grading works sets the first impression and tells the story of the assessment funnel within your institution

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Online Exam Proctoring

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Exam Marking

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Exam Analytics

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Item Bank Workflow

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