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Get instant reliable, quality, and transparent results right now. We employ the best automated exam results analysis and reports tools for you to get valuable insights into your exam items that can be used to make informed decisions

Bring Your Examinee Analytics a Step Further

We smoothly streamline the assessment process, especially the exam analysis, within high-profile organizations utilizing specific analysis reports and tools for each student that shows the number of exams that he/she passed or failed, the exam grades, etc.

Robust Item Analytics for Valuable Learning Growth Impact

Our advanced analysis module provides you with all required reports about items, with psychometric parameter analysis (e.g., discrimination and Cronbach's alpha) and statistics, how many times they were previously used and in which exams, the difficulty level of each exam question, and the quality of questions, etc.

Dozens of Insightful Reports and Instant Exam Results Analysis!

We are here to help you get detailed reports on exam results analysis with examination analysis software, so you can continually improve the quality of your exams

Hundreds of Thousands of Exams.. One Powerful Exam Analytics Platform

Qorrect helps you visually analyze your exams quality, questions' difficulty levels, student performance, providing comparison of the participant's performance against other participants, real-time summary reports for all scheduled tests, score certificates, Item response time, and how many students passed the exam and how many failed

Student-Focused Decisions Supported by the Renowned Psychometric Theory (CTT)

Classical Test Theory (CTT) is a psychometric theory that assumes that each examinee has a true score and an observed score; the discrepancy between them is attributed to a random error. CTT involves many statistics, most importantly: the average score, item difficulty, item discrimination, and test’s reliability

Employ Response Theory (IRT) for Improved Exam Results Analysis

Item Response Theory (IRT) is a psychometric theory based on the idea that the probability of a correct response to an item is a mathematical function of person and item parameters. IRT involves such parameters as item difficulty, item discrimination, pseudoguessing, and carelessness. Thus, several statistical models are used to represent both item and person characteristics

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