Show Off Your Advanced Assessment Process using Our Superior Item Management System

Store Unlimited Items and Perform Complex Operations in a Just Few Clicks

We bring the power of an innovative item management system to the table. And this is where things get even better! Show off your educational institution’s advanced assessment process with a solution that handles all item types, offers the best item mapping features, and marks even the most complex questions the finest way

All Item Types Stored in One System

We provide you with an unlimited number of items and all types of authoring options to help precisely assess the learning process of your students, e.g., MCQs, MRQs, true or false, matching, extended matching, viva cards, OSCI Stations, short answers, and essay questions as well as image and video questions

Never Re-Map Your Items Twice!

Your assessment questions and curriculum objectives need a place to come to life and connect. We bring them both together with our item mapping tools. Map your items according to your lessons and define their cognitive levels. Test the maximum potential of Qorrect and sync skills learned with targeted learning outcomes

Ready to Start Working Smarter?

Schedule a live demo to see how Qorrect can help you create and store all item types, mark the most complex questions, and digitize the whole exam creation process.

Ensure Quality and Equity in Subjective Questions

Other rubric solutions may just let you define your grading guide. What they lack is our exceptional unlimited number of rubric dimensions every exam maker wants. We help you design your own well-planned rubric, set the line of thought and possibilities, and transform questions subjectivity to objectivity for better equity

Psychometric Parameters that Give You Superpowers!

Welcome to the playground of the unlimited possibilities our psychometric parameters can give you, e.g., discrimination and Cronbach's alpha. Spare yourself monotonous chaos and rushed reporting tasks. Get a much more real, transparent database of analytical reporting. Elevate the quality of your items and measure answering time and behavior, difficulty level, and much more

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