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What is Exams as a Service (EaaS)?

  • Creating, administering and grading exams, getting results analysis, and generating statistical and psychometric reports is not an easy task. Whether you are a k-12, higher education or other types of institution, Qorrect can help you through our experts in multiple domains.

  • Take advantage now of all the different services Qorrect platform offers and pay per usage..You’re just a few steps away from better quality, speed, and accuracy and less cost!
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Qorrect Provides Everything Institutions Need to Deliver Their Exams

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Professional trainers to show you how to use the software and administer exams

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A specialized team to help you create questions and exams

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Expertise in the field of assessment for consultancies

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A strong technical team available 24 hours 7 days a week

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Why Educational Institutions Prefer EaaS?

Qorrect is not only providing an e-assessment system, but we’re also your partner in success

  • E-exam creation with the lowest costs and highest accuracy and quality standards

  • Saving educational institutions hosting costs
  • Encrypted questions, exams, and data, highly secured on the system
  • The highest levels of protection, and security guaranteed on all devices platforms

  • All types of exams administered via any platform you choose
  • Automatic evaluation of exams to guarantee speed, accuracy, and 100% integrity

  • A variety of techniques to fully prevent cheating
  • Immediate results and feedback right after the exam
  • Statistical and psychometric analysis reports on exams and students performance
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Exams as a Service (EaaS) Success Story in Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) University

Partners in Success

EaaS helps your institutions create, administer and grade e-exams, no matter the complexity.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We're today celebrating the fruit of our labours that took months, in very excellent and effective cooperation with Qorrect. We had a strategic goal for a long time, to achieve digital transformation, mainly in the fields of education, measurement, and evaluation

Kyle Buchta
Prof. Dr. Abdel-Fattah Saud
Professor of Orthopedics and Spine, Ain Shams University
Vice President of the University
President of the International University of Spine Surgery

We now have a questions bank system in 17 faculties, Ain Shams faculties. We chose the questions bank Qorrect system because, first, we had previous experience with it at the Faculty of Medicine for about 4 years and it proved effective. All the academic staff is using it very smoothly and easily. So we built this system for all of Ain Shams University, the e-exams system, e-grading, and paper exams

Kyle Buchta
Prof. Mona Abdel-Aal

Public Health
Executive Director of Education Development Department, Ain Shams University

Today we can generate an exam from the questions bank immediately to the computer lab so that the students can take the exam right away and those in charge are able to directly see the results that get statistically analyzed to benefit us later on in improving the system and close the cycle and, consequently, reach what we want

Kyle Buchta
Prof. Zainab Abdel Hafeez

Clinical Oncology, Faculty of Medicine
Director of the Measurement and Evaluation Unit, Ain Shams University

It was essential to have an easy to use system with a familiar interface so that we don’t face any difficulties in implementing it to create and grade exams. And we’ve really found this in the system

Kyle Buchta
Prof. Hala Salah Eldin

Prof. Hala Salah Eldin
Dean of Kasr El-Aini
Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University


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