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The Most Advanced K-12 Assessment Software

Turn your learning data into student performance insights

Powerful Solution to Connect Your Courses with Assessments

Give your school teachers and students the best experience possible! Build your school courses with a dynamic structure designed to assess different students' level in a fast, easy, and simple way, linking every question and its objectives with your course. Your assessment process is now more cost-effective, valuable, and transparent

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Qorrect K-12 Assessment Software.. The Key to Your School Challenges!

High quality advanced assessments, anytime and anywhere, in just a few clicks on Qorrect’s all-in-one system. Choose any question type, map items according to your lessons, and define your students’ cognitive levels. Reach out to the world's finest professional team and give your school the edge it needs with exam automation and results generation

Ready to have a complete digital assessment solution that streamlines your school exam creation, delivery, and grading

We Help Supercharge Your Assessment Journey

It's vital for K-12 institutes to ensure both equity among students and cheat-proof exams. We guide you towards a unique assessment experience, starting from exam creation, layout, multiple exam forms, and blueprint and ending with exam behavior control and managing it even in emergency situations, e.g., Internet outages

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Be the Best to Mark & Rank

K-12 assessment software helps you automate your grading system for any type of questions you can imagine and enjoy the variety of options we offer. Whether it’s manual or automated marking, you have it! Power on the best assessments analytics module, get accurate data, measure your students’ performance, evaluate your current position, and decide your next step

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