Embrace Digital Transformation in Your Assessments Management Workflow

We Set the Best Item Bank Workflow for You

Qorrect sets the roadmap for you and your educational institution to succeed. We work with different users with the test item bank (each with their own unique dashboard) in well-known higher education and k-12 institutions to manage the Item Bank. With smooth test item bank workflow and communication among several role players, we help digitize the entire assessment process

Course Creator

Course creators are one of the five authorized staff at your higher ed or K-12 institute allowed to manage Qorrect assessment system. They create subjects with their specifications, manage subjects with their specifications, add subject structure and ILOs, create subject matrix, publish the subject, and manage subject reports

Questions Writer

Questions writer dashboard allows them to create items with their academic specifications, manage items with their specifications, map items with subject’s structure and ILOs, submits items to reviewers, receive feedback from reviewers, improve items according to the reviewer comments, and manage item reports

Avoid Any Potential Conflict between Different Roles in Your Institution using our Smooth Item Bank Workflow

Exam Creator

Creates exams with their academic specifications, manages exams with their academic specifications, selects items for exam from different accounts (item writers) within the same module, views the reviewed items only, creates exams from the reviewed items only and marks them (subjective items), submits exams to reviewers, and receives feedback from reviewers


We support the reviewer's dashboard on Qorrect with numerous functions, e.g., reviewing items/questions and sending feedback to item creator (accept, reject with comment), reviewing exams and sending feedback to examiner (accept, reject with comment), and managing review reports as well

Exam Manager

Exam managers are given access to view the reviewed exams only, select from the reviewed exams only, enroll students in exams, manage exams without viewing exams, allow grace period for students with its configuration, set exam date & time for students, publish exams, monitor running exams, most importantly manage students results

Course Management System

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Item Management System

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Exam Management System

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Exam Delivery System

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Exam Marking

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Online Exam Proctoring

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Exam Analytics

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