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Qorrect is built to help all institutions automate their assessments and turn day-to-day from examination-oriented tasks to decision-making based on detailed statistical, psychometric reports

Course Management

When it comes to creating balanced exams, making everything connect turns things so much more ideal! Get to build assessments powered by your own course structure, objectives, and metrics, world-famous assessment theories, and Qorrect's grading process

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Item Management

Choosing the right items for your exam shows the difference between owning a strong item management system and anything else! Qorrect's item management system makes it easy to create exams for any subject you want, Medicine, Math, or Literature! And have fun exploring our immediate psychometric analysis for your items

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Exam Management

Bringing specialized tech and e-assessments expertise into the process of exam management is key to enhancing the examination process reliably and securely. Qorrect team helps you manage exam view, automate exams and train students, and generate multiple test forms in one click only

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Bubble sheet, laptop, and smartphone

Exam Delivery

Go digital right now and ensure complete security while delivering your exams online or paper-based anytime and anywhere you wish. Whether the exam is on a laptop, computer, or just a mobile phone, you can get it done easily and quickly just like that!

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Digital Transformation Starts with Reliable and Secure Platform
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We partner with you to help your institution become more competitive, reliable, and digitally transformed. And because we believe assessments must be secure at all stages of the testing cycle, we equip you with AI and live proctoring, whitelisting, and advanced analytics reporting tools

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Two men are pointing to big interface to check the results of exam marking

Exam Marking

See how the world's top higher ed and K-12 institutions and business corporates grade exams in seconds and have first-hand experience doing that effortlessly! Pick the best way to grade your assessments from the many options we offer. Automated, manual, or double-check grading, they're all available on Qorrect assessment system

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Exam Analytics

Opt out of any system that results in overlapping work and responsibilities and choose a comprehensive assessment system that can not only help you be at the top of your game in the assessment and, therefore, education field, but can also generate dozens of analysis reports and give you insights into how to gain international accreditation

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Item Bank Workflow

When you join Qorrect, you're not merely dealing with an e-assessments software provider. You're entering a world of shared values and goals to optimize digital transformation in education and assessment in all institutions. A great part of doing this is setting the right workflow for the item bank

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