Prevent Cheating and Maintain Academic Integrity using Qorrect Online Proctoring System

Why You Need Qorrect Online Proctoring System

Qorrect empowers you with top of the line AI and live proctoring, whitelisting, and advanced analytics reports to prevent cheating and maintain academic integrity, to meet your institution's unique needs. The comprehensive assessment system has dozens of ways to proctor all assessments; start exploring them all!

Perfect the Quality of Exams and Onboard Examinees

Welcome examinees onboard with smart preparation. Enhance quality and easily authorize their access and authentication. Verify their identity. Confirm their device readiness, test device lockdown browsing abilities, check Internet speed, mic, and camera availability. Train your students beforehand

AI Proctoring Technology Now in Your Hands

Proctored exams have never been more on demand. And we're here to deliver the world's most innovative technology of proctoring using artificial intelligence features. Our online exam proctoring system immediately captures examination live video, analyzes and detects any violations during the exam, etc.

Trusted Live Proctoring

Seize the chance and apply the best of both worlds, real human proctoring integrated with technology. We combine the simplicity and reality of proctors with the powerful advancement of live proctoring tools. Invigilators can remotely proctor exams live to maintain control of the video feed and interfere immediately when needed

No More Cheating.. AI-Backed Online Exam Proctoring System!

Our assessment experts will show you how our online test proctoring software can detect any tiny change in the examinee behavior

Whitelisting Tools Available

We understand that you sometimes need to maintain control during exams to prevent cheating. And whitelisting is just one item of our bag of tricks to do just that! Digitize your proctoring now. Whitelist what you see necessary and block anything else running on your examinee's device during the exam. You’re in control

Detect the Slightest Exam Violations

Qorrect brings the science of analysis reporting together with education and assessment. Instantly tap into the software’s advanced analytics and be aware of the slightest exam violations. Detect the tiniest change in the examinee's behavior and automatically save, analyze and export reports of it

Course Management System

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Item Management System

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Exam Management System

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Exam Delivery System

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Exam Marking

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Exam Analytics

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Item Bank Workflow

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Explore How Qorrect Works

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