What Excellence Looks Like.. Qorrect Feature-Rich Marking System

Double Your Productivity. Lighter Grading Workload

Using our added easily integrated marking platform to grade any exam within your educational institution will ensure you are moving in the right direction. Improve your grading’s workflow with Qorrect's all-in-one system. Grading exams is easy... Leave it to us and let’s move forward together!

Supercharge Your Grading System with Automated Marking

Take advantage of Qorrect’s efficient automated grading platform. Qorrect platform lets you automatically grade all types of objective questions, multiple choice, true or false, matching, and MRQ questions and not only that but also complex formulas and mathematical equations

Power Your Manual Marking

Leave no room for stress over subjective questions that usually take a lot of time to grade and are difficult to deal with! With the support of Qorrect’s marking rubric, you get to explore the amazing possibilities of grading essay questions

Easier and Faster Exam Grading with Our Flexible Exam Marking Platform!

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Upgrade your traditional grading methods and let our examinations marking system do the heavy lift for you

Making Double-Check Marking Easier

Sometimes it takes two to mark an exam too! This is where our double-checking feature kicks in. Allow two of your academic staff to grade the exam. Take the average results of both gradings. And generate instant results. We take care of all the other tiny details and let you think bigger

The Most Dynamic Grading Workflow Management

Enable a more dynamic workflow for your grading. Qorrect marking platform helps you define how you want things to work, whether you wish each grader to grade one question assigned to them only, or you can use double-check marking, or mark questions and let a reviewer check the answer

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Item Bank Workflow

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