Heba Sobhi

Content Writer from Qorrect Marketing Team, a graduate of the Faculty of Science, Department of Physics in 2018, worked in various fields such as academic teaching, science communication for children, e-marketing, and finally content creation. I worked in the Egyptian, Saudi, Emirati and Omani markets. I wrote about various topics in the science communication, medicine, sports, programming, and e-marketing. And now I participate in many writings for the field of testing, its development and its automatic correction process.

Why ‘Instructional Packages in Education’ Are Trending Now?

Why 'Instructional Packages in Education' Are Trending Now?

Have you ever heard someone mentioning the words ‘instructional packages in education’? Well, what are they, really?  If you work in a school/university that seeks reform for its educational system, employing a set of successful software, technological tools, and teaching materials, and methodologies and strategies, then this article is definitely …

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