Purpose of Online Examination System: 15+ Things to Know

Here, we look closely at the use, advantage, & purpose of online examination system, adopted in many universities around the world in the past few years. The idea of the online exam system has gradually become almost tangible to us all during the last year, for its outstanding importance, objectives, and benefits.

Let’s talk about all of this and more! Let’s talk about the idea and purpose of online examination system, how its features, reasons, and advantages come to make the examination cycle so much more. Here are 15 things and more about examinations we’ve summarized for you!


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15+ Things about the Use & Purpose of Online Examination System


1.  What Is Online Exams Software?

Online exams software is a computer program that gauge the knowledge of test takers in a specific subject through conducting online or offline tests.

The eruption of the industrial revolution in Europe has led to the establishment of such systems in order to have wide scale standardized tests.

The concept of online exams has become more widespread to oblige everyone to education and to spread equal and high-quality opportunities that the learner deserves, anywhere and anytime.

Now, online tests have spread and are used in a large number of fields, universities, schools and training centers, and in some cases are used in job interviews and scholarships.


2. Objective of Online Examination System

The objectives of online examination system or rather any other exam (purpose of online examination system) is to make sure that the student is thoroughly ware of the course curriculum and that the exam reflects the course content he/she has studied.

Mapping your course content and exam questions is paramount to teaching and education. It’s what gives us the satisfaction that we’re on track and that what was intended to be taught and addressed in questions is actually done.

That’s why having structured courses, e.g., credit hours or weight, and item mapping to establish the best designed exam questions is one of the top advantages of online examination for students and teachers both.


3. Reasons to Use Online Examination System 

  •   You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of questions from the question bank of the online examination software system
  •   Item banking adaptability
  •   Exam creation flexibility is a necessity; no one likes to be confined to a certain option all the time
  •   Online exams software provide Psychometric analysis that helps in decision making within your school or university
  •   Course management is a plus advantage 


4. Importance of Online Exam Systems

Adding various participants and generating their IDs.

Professors are capable to easily verify test takers demographic data .

Exam observer can import participants, groups , and scheduling engine based on participants, groups, subjects, and testing-centers.

Printable seating plans can be defined , and each student is automatically directed to individual seat .

Also administrators can be assigned to specific test centers .

Staff and test takers can find their timetable on the web.

Providing a range of different types and layouts of exams for the users to create .

Prevent page saving, printing and screen capturing.

Stop task switching and control keys .

Prevent new application from opening.

Produce the objective question instantly after submission.

Mark for comments features and mark for review.

Automatic recording of selected reactions and mathematical responses .

Manage the scoring of online subjective questions by the test author and reviewers.


5. Why Qorrect Online Exam System

The success of any online examination system comes from its ability to develop tools and methods for detecting cheating, such as:

  • The whitelist feature ensures the security of the test, once the test is started it prevents the student from opening any other window beside the test until the time runs out.
  • When the student clicks on anything during the test, the program records this procedure and saves it automatically, then analyzes and adds all the data to the detailed reports provided to you by the Qorrect system.
  • Audio and visual monitoring of the student during the remote examination.
  • Extracting detailed reports and comparing the student’s performance with his colleagues.


6. Features of Online Examination System

a. Question Bank: The Type of Exam You Want

With Qorrect online exams software, you can store an unlimited number of items. You may also perform mass operations on a group of items to save your time and efforts.

You can store, classify, import, and export items with just a few clicks.


b. Item Banking Adaptability in Online Exams Software

To ensure the success of any online exams software, it should give you access to most types of questions, whether they are literally ones or complex formulas and mathematical equations, or images, drawings, symbols, and videos.

However, what happens when you decide to test your students but time is short? Sometimes, you just don’t have enough time to create those questions, in the middle of every other task you are doing at work.

This is where Qorrect exam management software comes in. Using it, it’s easy to create your questions or even just use pre-defined templates.


c. Exam Creation Process Is Smooth and Flexible

Discover more Than One Method of Exam Creation 
  1. Manual Selection: Select specific questions from the list. And randomly select questions from topic, or subtopics.
  2. Blue-Print Balanced Selection: Generate balanced exams based on specific criteria. Cover the aspects of the involved lessons to have a balanced exam that measures each of them fairly.


d. Flexible, Secure Exams Delivery

Qorrect team recently held a webinar on one purpose of online examination system, which is the variety of exam delivery options, one of which is paper form exams.

In this video, you’ll see how you can adopt e-exams and still commit to paper exams and how hi-tech now makes this process easier than ever.


e. Cheat-Proof Online Tests: Test Takers Can Have Exams at Home

Online tests can be delivered to students securely via web and scored them instantly afterwards. Some professors prefer online tests due to its flexibility, less time, less paper waste, and consequently much less cost (Do you want to know how? Get a Free Demo of Qorrect assessment system now).


f. Easily Get Your Students to Have Online Tests using Mobile Phones

Some people prefer using their mobile phones to computers. They’re even faster, not many option or background applications taking space.

Therefore, this kind of luxurious flexibility can be easily done now. Delivering exams using through iOS or android is a very much integral part of the Qorrect online exams software design, while making sure test takers cannot use other apps.


7. Advantages of Online Examination System

  1. Transparent, Structured Course and Item Mapping
  2. You Can Measure Students Cognitive Levels
  3. A Good Online Examination System Allows Live Proctoring Integration (s00n in Qorrect)
  4. Strong AI Proctoring Tools to Help You Administer Effective E-Assessments
  5. Automated Exam Generation and Results
  6. Better Control, Reliability, & Security  
  7. Readiness for Cases of Emergency during Exams

8.       How to Prepare Online Exam Questions?

  • Consider Your Course Structure and Objectives
  • Use Higher and Lower Thinking Questions
  • Choose the Right Type of Questions for Your Exam
  • Make Sure Your Exam Questions Are Valid
  • Choose Your Online Exam Layout


9.       How to Create an Online Exam?

1. Identify Your Course Objectives

  •         You can add the learning objective and cognitive levels that you connect later on with your questions.
  •         You can specify the criteria of the exam paper, e.g., number of questions.


2. Optimize Your Questions Bank 

  •         You add all types of questions, including audio, video, and essay questions, based on specific keywords related to the cognitive levels and learning objectives, building your questions bank as you go.
  •         You are able to get psychometric analysis of each question. For example, the discrimination characteristic of questions will be able to tell you whether it can identify a students from others who need more help.

3. Select the Right Exam Delivery Option for You

  •         Creating exams manually: in the type of exam creation, you select the questions you see best fit your exam based on the different cognitive levels, lessons, and learning objective of each one.
  •         Creating exams semi-manually: in this type, you choose all the needed criteria and the exams.. Lecturers sometimes prefer this one since it spells equality and fairness for all students. As the percentage of human error here is almost zero!
  •         Creating exams automatically: this is the last type and it depends on the blue-print criteria you add in the course management. You only have to specify what type of assessment you need, and the exam is created automatically.


10.   How to Create the Perfect Exam?

  To create a perfect exam, Qorrect—a comprehensive assessment management solution—measures students’ cognitive levels and skills. Its tools track and monitor students’ learning records, certification, and information, providing psychometric analysis and other statistics.

 Moreover, it was designed to cover the curriculum, subjects, sections, and chapters. It also connects learning objectives with the assessment. As a result, we get extremely high-quality assessments for our universities. 


11.   How Does Online Proctoring Work?

The college administration will provide each student with the Qorrect URL, so that he can log in to his account smoothly. As for the student, he must be warned to provide a good internet connection and use his username and password.

When students access their accounts, the remotely proctored exam (a feature to be release soon by Qorrect) to be taken is displayed. The number of questions and each of their grades is shown as well, for example, the student would know if they only need 5 or 10 marks to pass the exam.

With the ability to block anything else running on the examinee’s device during the exam and advanced analytics reports to be aware of the slightest exam violations, the administration is able to prevent cheating and maintain academic integrity online.


12.    How to Catch Students Looking Up Answer Online during Exam

Maria Kramvia who works as a Professor at the Technological University of Cyprus acknowledged another phenomenon there, where students pay other people, a third person, to do their work, take the exam on their behalf.

Professor Maria Kramvia from theTechnological University of Cyprus

Dr. Maria Kramvia-Kapardis – Source: the Cyprus University of Technology

Here are some of the solutions the professor offered to stop this from happening, or at least detect it once it does happen:

  •         Introducing a Code of Honor to students and explaining it to them
  •         Live monitoring on the spot (very soon in Qorrect)
  •         Bio-metrics
  •         Random position of students
  •         Use the same questions but with different multiple choices
  •         Different questions to each student


13.   How to Choose Your Online Exam Layout

Good online exams software offers both regular as well as sectioned layouts and unified as well as multiple test forms to reduce cheating possibility and ensure equity among students.

The multiple sectioned exam means your exam can show one question at a time and this way you can limit students’ getting distracted by looking over all the exam. 


14.   Best Online Assessment Platform for Teachers and Students







Survey Anyplace

iSpring Suite

Google Forms

Microsoft Forms

Qorrect for Online Assessments



15.   9 Advantages of the Best Online Testing Platform for Teachers

Here are 9 of the most famous modules we have in the best exam and assessment platform that can help you fulfil the purpose of online examination system:

  1. Course management
  2. Item management: audio, video, image, MCQ, essay questions, etc.
  3. Bank questions: thousands of questions added and structured
  4. Exam management system: blueprint and multiple test forms
  5. Exam delivery system: Windows, Mac, and smartphones, anytime you decide
  6. Online exam proctoring: AI and live proctoring
  7. Exam marking: instant results
  8. Exam analytics: statistical and psychometric reports
  9. Item bank workflow


Last but not least, the idea of the online examination system has come to eliminate the drawbacks of the traditional examination system using new flexible and secure tools.

Do not miss the chance to start your assessment journey with Qorrect and try our new online grading systems.



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