Successful Steps to Generate Automatic Exams using Blueprint.. Free Webinar

Qorrect is to hold a new free webinar on exam blueprint and how to best generate automatic exams with multiple test forms.   

Measuring and evaluating student skills and developing the educational process with high technological techniques  are the main goals that any ed institution aspires to. And they’re what Qorrect empowers its partners with!

If you’re a decision maker interested in education development, you’re in for a treat! Know how your automatic exams system can get you multiple automated test forms that are still standardized and fair for all students. Reduce cheating and acquire professional skills to generate automatic tests using Blueprint!

Don’t miss to attend our free webinar about Exam Blueprint: Generating Automatic Exams with Multiple Test Forms.

It’s held by Qorrect team, hosted by an outstanding academic figure, and moderated by Islam Darwish, our Customer Success Manager.

The free webinar is on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, 7 PM Cairo Time | 8 PM KSA.

Generate Automatic Exams using Blueprint.. Free Webinar

Key Learning Points for You during the Generating Automatic Exams with Multiple Test Forms Webinar:

– Define the table of specifications and exam blueprint
– Describe the benefits and uses of the table of specifications
– Analyze the components included in the table of specifications and exam blueprint
– Construct a table of specifications
– Define the “equivalent forms”
– Create an automatic exam with multiple forms using the generated blueprint


Get to Know Automatic Exams and Blueprint Webinar Speakers

1- Ahmed Gamal
Customer Support Team Lead, Qorrect

Ahmed has over 10 years of experience in customer support. Being a professional trainer certified by Qorrect, he has trained hundreds of educators in the MENA region to use Qorrect and Remark OMR systems to help their educational institutes stand out.
He’s also very involved in creating and delivering custom-designed training and communication programs that align specific tools and resources with educational development goals.
With insightful creativity working with clients in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, he’s honed his skills by providing immediate solutions and developing customer support.


2- Asmaa Tawfik Mabrouk
Professor of Educational Psychology
Faculty of Graduate Studies of Education, Cairo University 

Works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Graduate Studies for Education, Cairo University. She has many experiences in teaching measurement and evaluation courses, tests and standards, individual differences, educational psychology, developing thinking skills, and research methods. She has also prepared, discussed, and supervised many researches, Master’s degrees, and doctoral theses related to those fields.

In addition, she participated in many training courses and workshops related to preparing achievement tests, test quality standards, and test specification tables, formulating essay and objective test items, producing the examination paper, analyzing test items, and calculating ease, difficulty, and discrimination parameters, plus courses in rubric form for essay and performance questions and other courses in the field of developing creative thinking and modifying behavior. She also participated in preparing question banks in Egypt and universities in other Arab countries.


3- Ahmed Hassan
Sales Director, Qorrect Egypt  

Ahmed is always eager to help and deliver our message to all people, especially educational institutions. You’ll find his bright presence in every event ready to take action and share his expertise with everyone.

Ahmed stands firm that creativity as well as interpersonal communication is our team’s heart & soul. He’ll always have a brand new technique or strategy to suggest to our partners in success every time! With years of experience in the field of e-assessment management systems and sales, he’s dedicated to transforming educational institutions and leading them to success.


Your questions  will be received and answered so that you can reach the maximum benefit you need!  With speakers of many years of experience, you’ll gain real knowledge and skills to make the best automatic tests with multiple forms, using Blueprint.

This is not our first go at free webinars on automatic exams. Learn more about the complete work cycle of the Qorrect system you can view the recorded webinar from our  YouTube Channel!

Interested in Assessment and Evaluation and want to enhance standardization and equality? Ensuring your exam content and construction validity is becoming more crucial now. And preventing cheating at the same time! 

 Book your seat now!

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