We understand that adjusting our solutions to fit your organization’s needs is crucial to provide the best results. That is why our team provides consultation services with Qorrect to ensure the best service quality.


Our team of experts will help identify what you need through a detailed status analysis, provide consultation to achieve optimal psychometric results, and enhance your assessment cycle and educational objectives.

  • Status Analysis
  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Implementation Coaching
  • Processes Mentoring

consultation benefits

Status Analysis

The analysis of your recent situation as per the educational assessment roadmap, your milestones to achieve your target and get the best educational and application experience from Qorrect. In that service, we provide a set of reports after many business meetings and situational measurements to exactly specify your progress in the assessment experience, and mentoring you to cross the gap and maintain the best happy scenario.

Psychometric Analysis

The analysis of your examination processes results and feedbacks. In this service, we consult and mentor you to define the effectiveness of your examination processes and adjust the assessment process to the highest level of details and decision making support. Also we consult you with the educational theories and clarify the standards to you to support your decision and educational style.

Implementation Coaching

In this service, we offer a fully consultation sessions to get a perfect implementation of your Qorrect, as we can guide you through the implementation process, deployment, and Qorrect settings.

Processes Mentoring

In this service, we guide you through the processes implementation, it's not a direct training, but indeed we consult you with the best practices through Qorrect, to get what you want from one or more process, according to the standards and based on your situation.

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