Our Item Bank Allows you to Store Unlimited Items and Perform Mass Operations

User-Friendly Item Bank that Helps you to Create Exams in a Very Short Time

The powerful features of our item bank enable you to store, classify, import and export items in just few clicks.

Qorrect supports many types of items to satisfy assessment needs






Extended Matching



Short Paragraph

Long Essay

Viva cards

OSCI Stations


Key Features of Item Banking Module

 Key features Qorrect item bank

Unlimited number of items.

Supports mass operations on group of items to save your time and effort.

Search and re-classification techniques for individuals and multiple questions.

Supports sending one or more items to start an exam creation process immediately.

Performs fast and powerful searches of item content, statistics, author, metadata, references, prior usage, stats, and more.

Supports the QTI import and export (QTI is a standard format for items or tests).

Trace item development stages (Item Life Cycle).

Supports storing items with association to courses or topics.

 Dr.\ Hesham Amer

The system guarantees the creation of a balanced exams that cover all aspects
of the academic curriculum and achieve the learning objectives

Prof. Dr.\ Hesham Amer
Head of general surgery department - Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University