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Qorrect is an Item-centralized system. Simply create your item and use it whenever and however you need.

Items can be classified or unclassified without being constrained to a purpose. The system is designed with gamification features to encourage you to enhance your item’s quality and complete all the information. Exams, courses, topics, reports, and users revolve around the item.
Of course not. Qorrect is a multi-purpose assessment tool that fits all of your needs and fulfills your assessment style.
Qorrect is an Item-centralized system, meaning it's also a role-based system. You can manage your needed plan on Qorrect to match your requirements.
Qorrect provides a unique universal search engine that allows you to choose your search criteria (e.g. items, courses, exams, users, etc.), and filter the search accordingly, so you can find exactly what you were looking for without wasting much time.
Of course. Qorrect is designed to fit your own experience and allow you to design your roles. You can grant access to your staff members and allow them to complete their duties according to your plan.
You can delete the roles you assigned, but not the main default roles within Qorrect. You also have the option to use them or not.
Qorrect cares for privacy and confidentiality. Any user, can access his/her own data that is created by him/her. (e.g. items, courses, exams, student groups, etc.)

Any user can also share data elements or data circles with other users,such as items, exams, and courses with other users. A user can also specify the privileges of the other user according to the sharing settings (e.g. updating, deleting, just viewing, ownership, etc.).
Because Qorrect cares about your needs, resources, and abilities, we offer two hosting options so you can choose the most suitable for you.
  • Cloud Hosting…

    • When you get a space on Qorrect, on the cloud, it becomes easy to handle your work, anytime, anywhere, with excellent performance and high security.
    • You can reserve one or more accounts for you and your team. You can also specify the package of features, benefits, and tools you need, based on your budget and requirements.

  • On-Premises Hosting…

    • On-premises hosting allows you to acquire Qorrect in your own local environment. This, of course, requires a large budget, but provides more control, ultimate security, and trackable environment conditions.
    • You can request on-premise hosting to be installed at your location, and the Qorrect team will provide you with all the requirements based on your needs and requests.
Qorrect aligns its strategy to your rapid changes and needs. That is why you can change your hosting plan any time. The Qorrect team is always here to assist you. Note that each hosting plan has its own conditions and requirements.
The Qorrect team is dedicated to helping you. Contact our consultation services team, request a deployment consultation service, and our professional consultants will be there to help you make the right choice.
Qorrect team members are experienced and skilled engineers who are dedicated to help you fulfill your goals. A dedicated team will help prepare your environment, deploy the system, and make sure that everything is functioning properly in your infrastructure so you can use Qorrect to its full potential.

Qorrect Core Portal

Qorrect's core is the item. The item is the core of any process on the system. You can make an item instantly, you can classify it now or later, you can organize it, and you can use it whenever and however you want.
The item’s code generation settings varies from one course to another, based on your settings for each course.

The item’s code generation depends on the item classification. (The relationship of the item to a course and how deep the association is to the course.)

Any unclassified item will not have a code until you classify it, but it will be accessible for any process.

The code generation settings make every criterion or meta-data of the item classification and ensure that they are valid for use in the item code generation (Difficulty level, ILO, cognitive level, course's node, etc.).
Yes, Qorrect is designed to allow you to maintain your item based on your need, whether with or without classification. All items, both classified and unclassified, can be used in any process you need.
Qorrect has a sophisticated item authoring model that allows you to import a group of items into a single action, simply and easily. This can be done through an item's template that you can retrieve from Qorrect's items' settings page.
Of course. Qorrect provides a powerful text editor with plenty of features, including text styles and media elements.

Qorrect also provides an integrated tool (WIRIS), to assist you in building any mathematical formulas in both Arabic or English languages.
Of course. Qorrect is an item-centralized assessment system. The item is your main element. Create your item and associate it to whatever you want.
No, Qorrect is very dynamic. You can associate your item with any of the course's levels or nodes.

You can also associate your item with more than one node, if you like, and each association layer with its specific classifications (Difficulty level, Cognitive level, ILO, etc.).
Yes, you can. Qorrect allows you to do so when assigning some item to one or more reviewer or analyst, for a validation purposes or for a higher quality of enhancements.
When you create your items, banking is the storages or repository for your items. It includes information including how it's classified, stored, categorized, and viewed. These are helpful for future processes within Qorrect’s cycles.

Qorrect’s system of banking involves the courses or topics which your items are associated to, tags used for searching, and statuses of each group of items.
They will not be erased. Qorrect is designed to save every piece of data that you create until you decide to erase it permanently through a direct action and passing a confirmation process.

In the case of deleting some course, your items will become unclassified and will be accessible through the unclassified items' corner.
Yes, Qorrect support's cases like loss of internet access or an offline work environment to match your preferences and save you time. You can obtain the course's document's template from Qorrect's courses settings.
Yes, you can. By selecting items you want, you can perform many mass-actions, including exporting them to a MS-Word template for use that for other purposes.
They will not be erased. Qorrect is designed to save every piece of data that you create until you decide to erase it permanently through a direct action and passing a confirmation process.

If you deleted any course, it is simply archived and you can retrieve it to your processes range of sight from the archived courses page any time.
Yes, you can. By selecting items you want, you can perform many mass-actions, including exporting them to a MS-Word template for use that for other purposes.
Yes, you can set the duration of any course, or a node of some course, in a fractional period (e.g.6.30 hours) and it will reflect on your course plan.
Cognitive leveling model is an educational theory that classifies the educational intended learning objectives (ILOs) into levels of complexity and specificity to assess the mental skills for learners.

The cognitive levels are six, beginning from the top of the bloom pyramid (as shown in the figure), from the “creating” level, down to the “remembering” level.
The standards define what students should know and be able to do at each level. The standards can be used as a reference point for planning teaching and learning programs, and for assessing student progress.
Qorrect provides secondary settings for any course you create. It does not affect your main assessment processes. It maintains and organizes your course plan for educational insights and decisions.
Yes, Qorrect allows more than one teacher to have access to one course and work together on it.

Qorrect also maintains your privacy. Each teacher can access the course plan, but s/he can only access his/her own items and exams. S/he will not have access to the other teachers' items or exams unless the teacher shares one, more, or even all of his/her items and exams with the other teachers on the same course.
The possibilities you can benefit from in terms of your items are as much as the amount of information and classification status is of those items.
The item categories are as following:
  • Classified: Classified items are fully featured and full of detail. All fields should be filled for an item to be classified, including tags, course association, classifications, difficulty level, expected answering time, etc.
  • Un-classified: An item is associated with a course, but not all of the other fields are filled.
  • Unassociated: An item is not associated with a course or topic, even if all other fields are filled.
  • Trashed: An item is already deleted, but not permanently. It is deactivated from the Qorrect processes, but could be restored any time for use.
No, Qorrect supports your privacy and security. Other teachers cannot access your exams unless the exam's owner has shared it with other teachers in the same course.
Yes. Qorrect has divided the exam creation process into several stages, and you can save your work at any checkpoint at any time, especially before publishing it. This is true whether it is online publishing or offline.
Yes. You can add new items through the examination creation process by dragging them into your exam and they will be automatically saved to the system, based on the classifications you made.
Yes. One of the best features Qorrect offers is the unclassified exam, exams that are not associated to any course, also called (Quick Exams) with a full examination process to fulfil your purpose.
Qorrect maintains the examination processes based on your options and the level of item data coverage.

For example, if you chose to set a specific item type with a certain item number and difficulty level, and you were not filling enough items with those criteria previously, Qorrect will not process them, but will guide you to overcome this problem with solutions.

The gamified design of Qorrect helps you with step-by-step insights and advice to fill your item’s gaps.
If the internet is disconnected while you are creating an exam, your progress will be saved if you passed the question selection phase. This allows you to get back any time to continue your preview, edit, or exam settings and/or to publish or release the exam.

Qorrect Delivery Portal

Qorrect understands the importance of security and the sensitivity of the data used. Qorrect provides many features and restrictions to control and secure examination process to achieve the highest level of process security and confidentiality.

While an exam is running on the examinees platform, no print screens, application swapping, control keys, task switching, nor "inspect elements" will be enabled if the platform was a web browser. Page saving and other such methods are also disabled.
Yes. Qorrect has a mobile app for this( available on both Android and iOS) so the exam owner can deliver the exam to the examinees on it and the examinees can take their tests and quizzes on their mobile devices at a specific time, which is synced with the calendar app on their mobiles, once the exam is created and published.
Online Exam (Computer-Based): The exam delivery for the digital platforms. The examinees can take their exam on PCs, Mobile devices, Tablets. Scoring is done automatically for most item types, but the editorial questions should be scored by the teacher who owns the exam .

Offline Exam (Paper-Based): The exam delivery through an offline paper-based method. Qorrect provides bubble sheet forms, question forms, and answer form so the examinees can take their exam as printed sheet forms. Scoring is done by the OMR software.
Once you choose the type of exam, select the needed questions, and preview it. Next, open the exam settings. You can select an examinee or a group of examinees for your exam.

You can manage the examinees' groups through a powerful model that Qorrect provides. You can add, remove, and update examinees’ info and gather them into groups. Each group has its own name and description.
Yes, each examinee can obtain immediate scores for his/her performance in the exam, but that can only be done in the case of Online Exam delivery for any non-editorial questions.
The technology talks here, Kiosk software technology, allows Qorrect Mobile application, to turn off the accessibility or applications' switching during a certain process (the examination process).

When the exam date and time comes, Qorrect opens the exam automatically to the student and turns off any other application, including the microphone and camera, in addition to app switching functions. (The exam would have already been synced to the default application on the mobile.)

The examination process on the mobile is completed offline, as the real exam is downloaded and decrypted automatically, 48 hours before the exam date and time. The exam is kept on the examinees' mobile and is shown at the exam exact time and date, without the need for internet connection. This helps avoid problems related to unsecured connections.
The exam creator can manage the way in which the exam will be shown to the exam takers, including the way questions appear during the exam, the exam instructions, and examinees' comments, flags, and question marking.

Once the exam is solved, a simple initial report appears for the student regarding his/her performance, displaying right and wrong answers.

The exam creator can also manage if the examinees will get the initial report about their performance or not.
Yes, Qorrect supports many versions of Android and iOS that are available on the most common devices.
You can find it here, on the Qorrect website, under the “Products” section. You can find them on the Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Please note that Qorrect mobile cannot be used without successfully logging in. There is no registration for examinees on Qorrect Mobile. This is to ensure the highest level of security. The exam creator can create users and send invitations to the targeted examinees to download the app and login with their credentials.

Qorrect Analysis Portal

Analysis refers to analyzing items' authoring, banking, examination processes results, and examinees’ scores, to produce sophisticated reports and psychometric analysis to introduce the best experience for users to accelerate their processes, enhance their work, and get better results.
It's an algorithm that Qorrect applies on the examination processes' results, to ensure that your final exam meets design objectives and standards.
Any analysis or reporting process has a main objective: to improve the use of data, and allow for better decisions for enhancements and updates.

Qorrect provides its reports and analysis to help you understand what you are trying to reach, and refer to the best ways to reach it, through call to actions to fill gaps in data, update invalid information, and ensure that the assessment process is valid and provides you with positive return on investment.
Qorrect provides two categories of the analytics and reports:
  • 1.Interface primitive analytics.
      This category of analytical reports and statistics is shown everywhere on Qorrect. You can find them on Qorrect's:
    • Main dashboard
    • Courses' dashboards
    • Items' dashboards
    • Exams' dashboards
    • Users' dashboard
  • 2. Deep inclusive analytics
    This category of analytical reports and statistics is shown in specific pages within Qorrect. It goes into the details and data analyses and interaction compilations to provide outstanding value to you.
      This category has several types of reports including:
    • Student Statistics Report
    • Class Frequency Distribution Report
    • Student Response Report
    • Student Achievement Report
    • Detailed Item Analysis Report
    • Item Analysis Graph Report
    • Condensed Item Analysis Report
    • Condensed Test Report
    • Test Statistics Report
    • Test Item Statistics Report
Qorrect cares for details and its value for you. Whoever the user is, each user has his/her own analytics and reports based on the user type and scale.
The Item Life Cycle describes the item phases from its creation, through the examination processes, including the feedback and refining processes, till the retirement of the item.
That cycle is an interactive operation:
  • The item is incorporated into an exam.
  • After the examination process, the item is scored.
  • The responses on it are analyzed to make psychometric insights for that item, to validate its health and purpose.
  • The decision making support comes to an end at the refining of the item.
  • Reprocessing that cycle again and again with every examination process.
  • After a specific trial for each item, the item is retired.

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