Qorrect makes it easy to create your items or using a pre-defined templates

Qorrect Provides you with a Unique Features to Create Questions For Exams

Most types of questions are supported, you can also use complex formulas and mathematical equations.

Key Features of Item Authoring Module

 Item authoring module of Qorrect system

Author items using a rich slate of formatting and content options.

Supports complex formulas and mathematical equations.

Allows you to add images, drawings, symbols, videos, embedded links, and more.

Workflows can be customized to match your unique processes with tracking features for all tasks.

Can export all items writing tasks to printed forms.

Reviews and feedback can be conducted using either traditional paper-based or remote online review, using fully interactive items.

Specified reviews with identified participants.

Supports comments and reviews for each item as needed.

Supports pre-defined item and course specs templates.

Can detect duplicate items.

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