Deliver the Exams Via Mobile and Control the Process Via Kiosk Software Technology

Qorrect Provides you with the Flexibility to Deliver your Exams Anytime and Anywhere

You will be able to deliver the exams through iOS or android, and the process will be done offline, in addition to preventing the examinees from using the other apps.

Key Features of Exam Delivery Via Mobile

Features of exam delivery through mobile

Accessible via mobile and touch-screen devices.

Autosave prevents progress data loss throughout the assessment process.

Organize participants into hierarchical groups and subgroups.

Mark for review and mark for comments features.

Score the objective question instantly after submission.

Support sound, video, images, animation, and more.

Add multiple participants and automatically generate participant IDs.

Import participants/groups/schedules from a file or 3rd party applications.

Provide users with the facility to create a range of different types and layouts of exams.

Automatic scoring for selected responses and mathematical responses.

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