Empower Educators: Transforming Teaching with Dynamic Test Creators

Empower Educators: Transforming Teaching with Dynamic Test Creators

As many have begun to realize, teaching isn’t an easy profession at all. For you to be able always to find time to help your students with whatever they need and create the best environment, to keep evolving your knowledge and your ways of teaching, all while creating quizzes and grading them with as less mistakes as possible, this is a lot to do, isn’t it?

To achieve all that with efficiency, you need a helping hand that would enable you to enhance the whole teaching-learning journey and master the assessment process. In the technology and digital transformation age, it’s only fair to use that to your benefit.

When talking about digital assessment platforms, what’s better than Qorrect to be your helping partner to craft, create, and excel with the best assessment platform?

What is Qorrect?

Qorrect is a sophisticated assessment system that assists you in creating a well-rounded exam. Its goal is to improve the educational assessment process by generating multiple exam and answer models. Additionally, it tracks student performance and development throughout the term. Qorrect takes you through each step of a perfect assessment process, from the beginning to the end of a complete cycle.

You must be wondering how one single platform can achieve all of that, and what the cost would be. Would it be time or money?

Let’s take a deeper look at Qorrect so we can answer all your questions.

Create a quiz with Qorrect – an observational assessment platform

rules on how do online proctored exams work via Qorrect e-assessment system using a computer

As a professor, you have a daily task of preparing exams and quizzes and grading them, making sure you’re fair and inclusive, taking each student into consideration, and trying your best to address all their strong and weak points and work on them both so you can get the best educational outcomes at the end of the term. This is why it’s draining to keep repeating this cycle on your own over and over for years.

Using Qorrect assessment system, all you have to do at the beginning is put all the courses you’re teaching along with the desired outcomes. Sorting your thoughts, ideas, and visions through the system allows you and your students to know what’s ahead of you from the beginning of the course or semester, what you want from this course, and how to achieve this, so no one would feel confused anymore, and you can all start from the same point.

When creating your quiz, you will only need to choose the subject you want and the system will generate as many questions as you can imagine, each one serving a specific purpose and has alternatives that would serve the same purpose in case you want to replace any of them according to your vision.

Qorrect, the ultimate test creator is a robust digital database that contains a variety of questions and answers. Its Item Bank has various question types, including multiple choices, true or false, and many others. Once you specify the subject, the system will add any related questions according to their difficulty level and grading score. The system also walks you through so many other details about every question you choose so it guarantees a perfect cheat-proof exam that will result in a perfect evaluation later on. This way, Qorrect will save you time and effort while ensuring fairness in the assessment process.

What does Qorrect offer?

1- Generates as many questions as you want.

2- Defines the purpose and targets of every question.

3- Enables you to change questions within the criteria and grading score.

4- Gives you different models of the same exam to prevent any possible cheating.

5- Allows you to deliver these quizzes either online, offline, or paper-based. It’s computer, tablet, and mobile-ready.

6- Manages the entire electronic testing process from start to finish.

7- Gives you the best online test experience with security tools, encrypted data, safe exam browsers, and auto-saving features.

Engaging students effectively in the learning process


qorrect online assessment system - formative and summative evaluation

One of the main purposes of assessment software such as Qorrect is to take your educational journey to another level and change the dynamic in your class into a more interactive one. Another purpose is to build an environment where students have opinions about how things are going and engage effectively in the learning process. How can Qorrect achieve all this?

As we mentioned above, Qorrect enables you to pre-plan for the way your course will go, and the learning objectives that determine how the whole process will be, and helps you take into consideration the ongoing evaluation during the course.

This works on two levels; the first one happens the minute the students know what they want from every course they’re taking, and feel seen and heard. then will they be able to voice their opinions, thoughts, and even their fears with their professors and classmates, creating an interactive environment.

The second one happens when they see how their professors and schools, with the help of Qorrect, track their levels throughout the course. With the continuous work on evolving them through the huge database Qorrect provides, the students know their academic future is in safe hands.

Creating and delivering a quiz with Qorrect assessment system is the best thing you can do for your students. Qorrect empowers educators and helps them manage the whole e-assessment journey with ease, knowing that they’re controlling the process from start to finish and making a difference by transforming teaching with a dynamic test creator that’s super easy to use and even integrates with more than one system, like LMS, CMS, and OMR: Moodle, Blackboard, Remark, and others.

To enjoy the luxury of being a partner with Qorrect with all its features, all you have to do is visit our website and request a Demo to try your version!

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