Qorrect: Your All-in-One Solution for Effective Educational Assessment

Qorrect: All-in-One Solution for Effective Educational Assessment

All-in-One Solution for Effective Educational Assessment

It’s important to choose the right assessment system not only for its efficiency but also for its ability to handle all the work, without the need to switch between different systems to get everything done.

What if there is an all-in-one solution for effective educational assessment? Well, this is Qorrect, a system designed to meet all your needs with just one click.

What is Qorrect?

Qorrect is an innovative assessment system designed to help you create a well-balanced exam. It aims to improve the educational assessment process. How does it do that?Qorrect generates multiple exams and answer models while tracking student performance and development through various reports.

Let’s take a closer look at what Qorrect can offer in the assessment professional development field.

What does Qorrect offer?

1- Generating as many questions as you want.

2- Defining the purpose and targets of every question.

3- Changing questions within the same criteria.

4- Creating different versions of the same exam to prevent any possible cheating.

5- Providing a bubble sheet and answer key after creating the exam.

6- Generating several reports on every exam to evaluate the whole process.

Why Qorrect is the Ideal Choice for Educational Assessment

After pointing out Qorrect’s special features, let’s dive a bit into each of the previously mentioned points, explaining why Qorrect is the ideal choice for educational assessment.

Qorrect provides a huge database of questions through its item bank, where you can find various types of questions to choose from, each is linked to the desired outcomes of the educational process, to ensure the integrity of the exams by measuring the true level of the student’s performance. With Qorrect, the ultimate test creator, you can have your test ready in no time.

The minute your exam is finished, Qorrects enables you to deliver it anywhere, anytime. It gives you the tools, the strategies , and a wide variety of exam delivery channels to level up quality, whetherit’s online, offline, or paper-based.

Does Qorrect’s mission end at exam delivery? Not at all! It takes you through the entire assessment journey!

Qorrect assessment system can auto-grade all the exams quickly and with extreme precision; once that step is done, it provides you with various psychometric and statistical analysis reports, tracking student performance and development, at the level of every question and every test.

By using all the reports, you can create a fair and inclusive educational assessment process that improves the entire educational process and meets the desired outcomes.

Find out why Qorrect is the perfect choice for educational assessment. Contact us to learn more.

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