Revolutionize Assessment with Qorrect: The Ultimate Online Quiz Maker

Qorrect: The Ultimate Online Quiz Maker

Qorrect: The Ultimate Online Quiz Maker

Wouldn’t it be great if there were something that could help you create and grade exams quickly and professionally? As a professor, you have likely spent a considerable amount of time and money trying to find a tool that can assist you with the testing process. Well, the answer is Qorrect assessment system, the best online quiz maker, with unique features that can help you save time and money all while achieving your desired outcomes.

Unleash the Power of the best Online Quiz Creation

Qorrect is a comprehensive online assessment system designed to help you manage the entire assessment process with ease. It features intelligent tools that enable you to create well-balanced exams and improve the overall quality of the educational assessment. Want to know how Qorrect does it? Let’s take a closer look at the system.

Qorrect has a huge database in its “Advanced Item Bank” which goes by the most modern concepts and theories in assessments. It contains a large number of questions on every subject you enter into the system: these questions are sorted according to their difficulty levels, stored according to their course structure, and linked to your learning desired outcomes and objectives.

Whenever you want to make your own test, all you have to do is open Qorrect, choose the subject you want, and the system will automatically generate the exam with many different versions and will allow you to eliminate and replace any question within the same criteria.

Qorrect also provides an unlimited number of items and all types of questions, like MCQs, MRQs, true or false, matching, extended matching, viva cards, OSCI Stations, short answers, essay questions as well as image and video questions.

Using Qorrect for both online and offline quiz creation

Qorrect assessment system and the best test maker can deliver both online and offline quizzes. It offers an end-to-end suite from exam creation and delivery to exam analytics with advanced OMR technology, AI, and live proctoring. The system can deliver the exams through all types of platforms: Windows, Mac, and smartphones.

For the online exams, after you create a well-built e-exam, you can deliver it online to your student with reliable exam security tools, encrypted data, safe exam browsers, and auto-saving features that will save you from any e-exam hassles you faced before.

You can also control your exam flow in many ways. You can set exam timing and question layout, choose whether to apply shuffling and skipping questions, and decide whether you want all questions to show on a single page, or item by item per page.

When your internet connection is down for a long period, you might think you will miss the exam, right? Well, with Qorrect , that will never happen!

Qorrect enables all professors and teachers to choose adding a grace period of 24 hours, where students finish the exam offline on time and answers are uploaded once the internet is back. This feature among many others is the reason why Qorrect assessment system is the ultimate online quiz-maker.

To enjoy this journey and enhance the quality of your assessment process, get started now and create your own tests with Qorrect!

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