Computerized Exams: Overview and Implementation in Egyptian Universities

Technology has been finding its way into all parts of education. Inside and outside the classroom, students and teachers have been using technologies to learn and teach more effectively. This revolutionization is also taking place within the domain of assessments through computerizing exams.

Computerized Exams in Egyptian Universities

computerizing exams

Some of the Egyptian universities, like Tanta University, have already computerized their exams already in some faculties, and the rest will follow. According to news outlets, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Khalid Abdul Ghaffar, revealed the ministry’s recent project: computerizing exams in all Egyptian universities.

These efforts are considered an important step towards upgrading and integrating technology in the Egyptian higher education. Studies have found that the main motivation behind similar initiatives is to “desire to achieve greater efficiencies and to be contemporary and innovative”.

Here is an overview on computerized exams and their benefits:

What Are Computerized Exams?

A computerized exam, or computer-based exam, is a form of examination in which technology is used. This term can include exams that are delivered on a computer or those that are printed and then graded using a computer.

This process usually requires a software that stores questions, customizes exams, and then grades them after they are solved. Qorrect does all of this and more. You can use Qorrect to create an exam then deliver it through any medium you want: computers, phones, or even paper. You can then use Qorrect to grade the exams and analyse the scores for a more efficient and accurate assessment process.

Advantages of Computerized Exams:

1) Computerized Exams Allow Customizability

Computerized exams can be customized according to as many factors as needed. Through computerizing exams, teachers can choose the level of difficulty, learning objectives, and many other characteristics of questions to create an exam that perfectly fits their students. Software assessment solutions like Qorrect can then create the exam according to those characteristics.

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2) No Cheating in Computerized Exams

Computerizing exams can help limit the opportunity of cheating in exams. By creating different versions of the exams, students will not be able to cheat from each other. Moreover, cheating from online resources can be avoided. When solving an exam on Qorrect, the computer is only allowed to view the exam screen until the student has finished. Therefore, teachers don’t need to continuously keep an eye on each computer screen while the students are solving the exam.

3) Flexibility

computerizing exams

Computerized exams can be delivered anywhere and anytime. Students can be allowed to take the exam at home or solve it on their phones. This can reduce stress and provide students with the opportunity to take their exam in a relaxed, comfortable environment. You can use Qorrect to deliver exams in paper form, on computers, online, or to students’ mobile phones.  

4) Computerized Exams: Feedback

One of the most important advantages of computerizing exams is immediate feedback. Studies show that students get to understand better and develop faster when they know how they performed right after taking the exam. Computerized exams facilitate this process as teachers don’t need to spend time grading. Instead, the right answers will be already programmed. Qorrect provides two options for immediate feedback. Teachers may choose to show the right answer to students either directly after each question or at the end of the exam.

5) Analysis

Computerized exams are also useful in understanding your students’ performance. , since their grades are also computerized, you can get a deep analysis of how students are developing. Using Qorrect, you can compute the minimum, maximum, and average scores. You can also compare between students and observe how each student is achieving throughout the school year.

6) Computerized Exams Save Time and Money

While getting an assessment solution may cost some money, it will actually save money on the long run. Not having to print anymore exams, schools will not spend any more money on examinations.

Computerized exams also save a lot of time for teachers. It was found that teachers spend at least ⅓ of their time grading assignments and exams. Imagine being able to save all this wasted time! Using computerized exams and grading solutions can easily solve this problem.

7) Computerized Exams Are Environmental Friendly

It was found that schools waste about 12KGs of paper on each student every year, which add up to about 2,800 sheets of paper. While it’s hard to drastically change the amount of paper schools use, it is not hard to stop wasting paper on exams. Computerized exams provide an environmentally friendly alternative to printing out exam papers for each student, for each subject.

As seen above, computerized exams have many advantages. They play an important role in every step of the process of examination. From creating the exams till looking at the grades, computerized exams make the procedures both easier and more sophisticated. Qorrect can add efficiency and accuracy to creating exams, delivering them, and analysis exam results. To know more about Qorrect, check out website. You can request a free demo by clicking here.

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