Qorrect 2022 recap: an inspiring e-assessment system story

Qorrect 2022 recap has been a story of great achievements that have strengthened our customers’ trust in us and attracted new partners.

Year after year, Qorrect system is moving closer to its clients and at a thoughtful and clear pace towards its main goal of becoming a trusted partner for its customers everywhere inside and outside Egypt.

At Qorrect, we don’t sell assessment software, but we create a productive, long-term collaboration that helps you achieve your goals!

With the launch of new services, collaborations with new institutions, and millions of internet interactions, Qorrect established itself as the best e-assessment system in 2022.

In this blog, we go into Qorrect 2022 abstract, Qorrect success stories 2022, Qorrect 2022 recap, and qorrect 2022 reviews as well!

Qorrect 2022 recap

2022 was an eventful year for Qorrect mechanization and correction system, due to the occurred achievements that could be considered milestones in the success of this platform.

The most important qorrect 2022 achievements

Qorrect 2022 recap includes multiple and various achievements that are the same as what we will discuss in the following lines.

Collaboration with Al-Azhar University as part of the “Smart Campus” project

Al-Azhar University is one of the oldest educational institutions in the Arab world, which includes many higher education institutions and has hundreds of students from all over the world.

Al-Azhar University has planned to implement the “Smart Campus” system to keep pace with the wave of digital transformation and take advantage of modern technological mechanisms to develop its educational process.

Within the framework of this orientation of Al-Azhar University, they have not found a better partner than Qorrect to rely on for the preparation of various question banks and the creation of standardized electronic assessments.

As part of this collaboration between Qorrect and Al-Azhar University, standardized electronic tests were administered simultaneously in all Azhar faculties of medicine.

Faculty staff at Al-Azhar University in Cairo were also trained in the use of the Qorrect system to formulate, administer, correct, and analyze test results.

Plans are also underway to train the rest of the university staff at Al-Azhar universities in Damietta and Assiut.

As part of this fruitful partnership between Al-Azhar University and Qorrect system in 2022, Professor Mohammed Faraj, Advisor to the Rector of Al-Azhar University on Electronic Coordination and Digital Transformation, explained how Qorrect application of electronic tests and questionnaires helps reduce the effort and time required to prepare and administer the tests and announce the results, in addition to obtaining accurate data without errors.

Introduction of the new version of Qorrect system (version 2.11)

In 2022, the latest version of Qorrect system was released, with the most important new features:

  1. French language support in the preparation of exams.
  2. The possibility to publish exams more than once.
  3. The persons responsible for monitoring the exam or the results can identify or export the list of students from any system to Qorrect system.
  4. The ability to prepare different and multiple forms for the same pen-paper test.
  5. Development of the screen monitoring function even after the completion of the exam; in a manner to increase the security of exams and prevent cheating.

Eaas Development

َQorrect offered a unique service known as Eaas or Exam as a Service.

This service guarantees wider access to new clients from different places and backgrounds, as it is suitable for educational or commercial institutions, small or large, inside or outside Egypt.

By purchasing this service, the beneficiary pays only for the time they use Qorrect, without having to buy a full Qorrect system or pay for hosting.

While using it, the beneficiary can enjoy all the benefits of Qorrect system as well as 24/7 training and technical support from Qorrect team.

Free webinar on BluePrint technology

The free webinar was organized under the title: “Blue Print, the most successful steps to create automated tests and multiple test models”.

During this session, it was discussed how to create the specification tables for tests using Qorrect Blueprint feature, and how to define their properties.

It was also clarified how important the Blueprint is and how to apply it.

To learn more about the importance of the Blueprint in electronic assessments, visit our blog!

The best assessment systems success stories 2022

After four years of intensive cooperation between Qorrect System and the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University, the university has relied on Qorrect System in 2022 in other faculties such as the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Education, and the Faculty of Al-Alsun.

At the Faculty of Nursing, Qorrect system was used to conduct the final exams of 444 fourth-year students, which were conducted electronically for two weeks.

At Al-Alsun College, the Hebrew Language Department used Qorrect system for a series of experimental exams.

Dr. Safa Afifi, Professor and Head of the Department of Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Education, was pleased with the effective collaboration between Ain Shams University and Qorrect system, saying:

“Qorrect system helps us create balanced exams based on exam schemes in a very smooth way in managing and correcting electronic exams and extracting results quickly and easily.
This helps both the students and the teaching staff and prevents problems from occurring during the administration of exams.
We, the lecturers of Ain Shams University, were very pleased to apply the system of question banks through Qorrect system.
In addition, the training on how to use Qorrect system was conducted in a very professional manner”.

Highlights of Qorrect success stories 2022

As the best digital assessment system, Qorrect has attracted the interest of millions of followers on various social media platforms.

  1. About half a million visitors to Qorrect website.
  2. Qorrect website offers rich and diverse content dealing with electronic tests, and how to create them easily and in many ways.
  3. It also presents different types of educational assessments and clarifies the differences between them, besides discussing modern teaching methods that contribute to the development of education.
  4. It explains the causes of cheating, how to eliminate it, and other topics of interest to decision-makers in various educational institutions.
  5. More than 400 posts on Facebook showcasing Qorrect’s major planned events, as well as numerous tips on how to administer practical assessments that can achieve desired educational goals.
  6. In addition, more than 40 videos featured many topics, such as Qorrect experiences at a number of major institutions and the opinions of elite university professors about its potential.
  7. The videos received 6,000 views on Facebook and nearly 83,000 views on YouTube.
  8. Facebook’s reach is estimated at about 1 million and 234,000 users.
  9. Over 34,000 active users interacted with Qorrect on Facebook.
  10. Qorrect’s Facebook follower base expanded to over 1,000 new followers.
  11. The posts attracted the attention of about 4,670 active users on LinkedIn.
  12. Qorrect has been able to attract the attention of many followers in different parts of the world, from Guinea to India and from Qatar to America, whose ranking is as follows:
  • Egypt.
  • Senegal.
  • Qatar.
  • Rwanda.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Iraq.
  • America.
  • Guinea.
  • India.

How does Qorrect gain the best assessment systems reviews 2022?

Qorrect system is the ideal option for the preparation and administration of assessments in 2022.

It is an integrated system that offers you the advantage of testing your students or employees accurately and quickly, which will help you quickly obtain reliable results that you can rely on when making various decisions.

Testing is an indispensable process for any institution that wants to measure whether its objectives have been met or not, and also measure the rate of performance, but to do this fully, they are constrained by several conditions, most importantly: objectivity and fairness for the examiners.

Qorrect intelligent System in 2022 helps you meet these conditions by providing you with the best tests with the least effort and cost.

Qorrect system works with you step by step as follows:

Design questions

Qorrect system supports you in creating questions of any number and type, organizing them into flexible structures, and storing them in question banks that you can access at any time.

Various question formats are available, allowing you to incorporate graphics, mathematical equations, videos, etc.

You can also transfer questions from any system or file into Qorrect system and then check them manually or automatically.

Create tests

With Qorrect system you can create tests that correspond to your curriculum, performance indicators, and tables of specifications.

You can also prepare multiple models for the same test, changing the order of questions in each form randomly or according to a plan.

Besides, you’ll be able to specify the time, type, and difficulty level of the test, as well as the examiners.

Test distribution

Qorrect system allows you to publish and run tests either in paper or electronic form, making Qorrect electronic tests compatible with any type of smart device and system.

It also provides you with a professional level of security and prevents cheating in the dissemination of tests where printing, screenshotting, saving pages, or reading codes is not allowed.

Test correction

Qorrect system corrects an infinite number of answer models by integrating with the Remark Office, which supports OMR technology.

Correction is very fast, eliminating human error, and results are delivered to students online.

Analysis of the results

With this procedure, Qorrect system helps you to generate all the reports and statistics you want about the quality of the tests, the performance of the examiners, the answer patterns, the failure, and success rates, etc.

Thus, you can rely on these results to formulate decisions and mechanisms to improve the assessments and develop the educational process.

In summary, Qorrect has proven to be the best digital assessment system in 2022, thanks to its professional advantages and security level.

Therefore, talking about Qorrect 2022 recap shows that it was not surprising that it was the first choice for a number of prestigious educational institutions that used it to conduct their exams in 2022.

Especially Ain Shams University, whose vice president Dr. Abdelfattah Mohamed Fathi, reviewed Qorrect by saying:

“The collaboration with Qorrect has proven to be very productive, they have successfully provided all the human and logistical potential and worked successfully with Ain Shams University which includes more than 200 thousand students”.

Book a free demo now, and discover how you can use Qorrect system to achieve your goals in the new year!

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