Ain Shams University Adopts Qorrect Software

At Qorrect, we are pleased to announce that Ain Shams University, with all its faculties, adopted Qorrect software for e-assessments, to become the first university that initiates full digital transformation in its examinations.

Qorrect was chosen after its success in managing the first unified e-test in 21 faculties ever administered in Egypt. And it is expected for Egyptian faculties and higher ed institutes to begin using Qorrect assessment system to develop their assessments and evaluations.

Qorrect ensures the ease and accuracy of the evaluation process and facilitates the test creation process, in addition to providing security features that assist in the safe conduct of the test on any platform.

َQorrect also completely prevents cheating through the use of multiple test forms and questions for the same exam, provides detailed reports on exams and students, and offers immediate psychometric analysis and instant test results.

ِAin Shams University is always keen to approve all programs of entrepreneurship, especially those that close the gap of academic study.

Also, the university focuses on improving the quality of education, in addition to the presence of a large group of professors and specialists who have great experience In the field of academic education. This step is considered a proof of Qorrect software’s success. 

Qorrect is the ideal solution for automating tests, delivering them to the examinees through all platforms, and also obtaining analysis reports of the results in a few simple steps.

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