Cairo University’s Faculty of Nanotechnology for Graduate Studies Selects Qorrect as a New Partner in Success

The Faculty of Nanotechnology for Graduate Studies, Cairo University, announced its selection of Qorrect  e-assessment system to be its new partner in success, as the faculty is now working to upgrade Qorrect online assessment system to the latest version.

And this is due to the faculty’s confidence in the results provided by the software, results that reach 100% % of accuracy, as well as comprehensive and diverse reports that can be extracted from it.

Qorrect is an smart assessment system that helps you create balanced tests to be delivered to examinees across multiple platforms (computers, tablets, smartphones, or printed papers) and analyzes the results in a few minutes.

It is known that the Faculty of Nanotechnology for Graduate Studies is considered a pioneer at the regional and global level by providing educational and research services, in addition to the consultations and agreements that the faculty holds with major economic entities, whether at the local, regional, or global levels, according to the faculty’s state-of-the-art equipment, and laboratories, and distinguished digital software.

The Faculty of Nanotechnology for Graduate Studies is always keen to meet national and global requirements and challenges in light of quality standards, which makes us very delighted Qorrect is selected as their e-exams system, in order to ensure the quality, security, and speed of the examination process and the issuance of results and reports in a very accurately and quickly, all of which is included in the latest version of Qorrect.

Once again, Cairo University, under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohamed Elkhosht, President of Cairo University, proves it’s a digital precedent for Egyptian and Arab universities. Therefore, within the framework of the development plan pursued by the university, the faculty specializing in nanotechnology was established.

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Cairo University's Faculty of Nanotechnology for Graduate Studies Chooses Qorrect as a New Partner in Success

The faculty, with a lot of efforts to show it’s one of the most recent and promising emerging technologies, is expected to draw a map for future sciences.

It’s established with a vision to be a key driver behind the global economy because of its influential roles in various fields of energy production, water desalination, and the synthesis of new materials which have distinctive qualities that take the lead in many heavy industries and the synthesis of materials used in engineering, medical, and pharmaceutical fields.

Perhaps the most prominent reasons for choosing Qorrect for Arab and international universities is that the system providers are always keen on providing everything that adds to the development of the digital education process.

Its target is to open up, for all educational institutions, more amazing future possibilities, enter the era of smart education, and develop digital curricula, which makes Qorrect an endless source of knowledge.

For more news about what’s happening in the field of digital education, we advise you to follow the educational articles Qorrect publishes on our online blog. Learn more about Qorrect and book a free demo now.

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