Free Webinar: Ensuring Effective E-Assessment for Higher Ed

Join the much anticipated free webinar on quality e-assessment for higher ed.

By popular demand, Qorrect is to hold its first free webinar “Ensuring Effective E-Assessment for Higher Education.”

The webinar on Wednesday 3, November 2021, 7 PM Cairo Time and 8 PM KSA, is to be introduced to you by some of our top experts in the field of assessment and evaluation and moderated by Islam Darwish, our Customer Success Manager, Qorrect.

Because we understand that every detail within higher education examination should be part of the process of shaping internationally competent students, we focus in this webinar on how to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate the phases that together comprise the e-assessment life cycle.

 eassessment webinar moderator Webinar Moderator – Islam Darwish, Customer Success Manager, Qorrect


Key Learning Points for You during the E-Assessment Webinar

  • E-assessment life cycle and its importance to higher education
  • Edtech role in the evolution of the digital assessment process
  • Contribution of edtech in improving assessment quality
  • Analysing the examinees’ responses
  • Assessing the exam’s quality and the effectiveness of the involved questions in measuring what they are designed to measure


E-Assessment for Higher Ed Webinar Speakers

1. Ahmed Said, Products Director, Qorrect

He’s spent 20 years in management, software engineering and development, business analysis, product ownership, SW testing, and sales industries in various countries. He has a deep understanding of the powerful effect leveraging technology can bring to assessment and consequently education.

e-assessment for higher ed webinar speaker

With this in mind, Ahmed quickly got his Master’s degree and joined Qorrect to lead the way to digital transformation for every educational institution out there. He’s a subject-matter expert in the field of e-assessment with a unique perspective you can’t help but notice!


2. Prof. Dr. Hamed Said, Academic Advisor, Qorrect

He’s an Associate Professor at Cairo University. He has a PhD degree in Toxicology, a BA degree in Linguistics & Translation, and an MA degree in Education (e-assessment). He is an Expert, Reviewer and Trainer at the Measuring and Assessment Center (MAC), Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt.

e-assessment for higher ed webinar speaker

He is also an External Reviewer at the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) in Egypt. In addition, he is a Certified International Professional Trainer (CIPT) accredited by many regional and international bodies such as Southwestern Accreditation Council and Management Development Institute (Missouri State), USA; DAAD and CUFLDC, Egypt.

For the last twenty years, Dr. Said has been actively involved in the design and use of Software and AI in e-learning, e-assessment and Psychometrics automation, which has granted him extensive experience in these fields.


His scientific, educational, and linguistic backgrounds enable him to look at things from different perspectives and to address various audiences. He has provided training to thousands of Faculty Members in Egypt, the Arab countries, and Europe in the fields of assessment systems, psychometrics, education development, and thinking development. Dr. Said is currently the Academic Adviser for Qorrect.


3. Ahmed Hassan, Sales Director, Qorrect Egypt

Ahmed is always eager to help and deliver our message to all people, especially educational institutions. You’ll find his bright presence in every event ready to take action and share his expertise with everyone.

e-assessment for higher ed webinar speaker

This webinar is a chance for you to get the knowledge, skills, and approach to best develop an effective e-assessment relying on the unmatched expertise of Qorrect team and the right platform. 


Interested to join the first webinar on e-assessment for higher ed? Book your seat now and get an e-certificate for attending just 60% of the webinar time. Hurry up and register here now.

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