Thanks for Attending Our Effective Higher Ed E-Assessments Webinar

Qorrect held its first free webinar “Ensuring Effective E-Assessment for Higher Ed” on Wednesday 3, November.

Thanks a million for the overwhelming support we’ve received while planning for Qorrect’s first webinar on higher ed effective e-assessments. We’re very grateful for the feedback we’re still receiving till today about all the details we’ve discussed and we look forward to seeing you in our next webinar very soon!


Higher ed examinations are now being glued together with so many factors, e.g., old vs. modern assessment theories and live proctoring software vs. anti-proctoring advocates.

This was one of the top reasons Qorrect held its first free webinar “Ensuring Effective E-Assessment for Higher Ed” on Wednesday 3, November, to empower professors in the Middle East to with much needed knowledge and practical skills.

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Things You Don’t Want to Miss in the First Webinar on Effective Higher Ed E-Assessments

  •         E-assessment life cycle and its importance to higher ed
  •         Edtech role in the evolution of the digital assessment software process
  •         Contribution of edtech in improving assessment quality
  •         Analyzing the examinees’ responses
  •         Assessing the exam’s quality and the effectiveness of the involved questions in measuring what they are designed to measure


In case you weren’t able to attend, no problem, this is a video on Qorrect YouTube channel of the whole webinar. 

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