Top Advantages of Online Examination System Bound to Empower You

There is some assumption that advantages of online examination system are limited to the fact that they offer an MCQs questions bank or software for quick tests. We think this is an unfair conclusion!

On the other hand, some might say that only certain large institutions should seek out comprehensive online exams systems. We also think this is an unfair conclusion!

Comprehensive online exams systems can be customized to fit every institution’s needs. But what features should be in your institution’s online examination system?

With the advantages of online examination system being so many, from item mapping to instant exam results and analytics, Qorrect shares the top advantages of online examination system that will make your educational institution stand out.

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What Are the Advantages of Examination Online?

1. Transparent, Structured Course and Item Mapping

If you struggle sometimes to fill the gap between your curriculum content and the exam questions, you’re not alone.

What is the purpose of online examination system?

The objectives of online examination system or rather any other exam is to make sure that the targeted course content has been absorbed by the student and that the exam items truly reflect it.

Mapping your course content and exam questions is paramount to teaching and education. It’s what gives us the satisfaction that we’re on track and that what was intended to be taught and addressed in questions is actually done.

That’s why having structured courses, e.g., credit hours or weight, and item mapping to establish the best designed exam questions is one of the top advantages of online examination for students and teachers both.

Students being happy with accurate exam results, one of the advantages of online examination system

2. You Can Measure Students Cognitive Levels

Inside Higher Ed defines Bloom’s Taxonomy as “A hierarchy of six levels of cognition — remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating — that moves from recall to synthesis and hypothesis generation.”

But following the below online examination definition, a really crucial question arises: how can an online examination system address all six levels, higher and lower thinking skills?

If you’re wondering, you’ll find the answer in our blog post How to Make an Online Exam for Students.


What Is Online Examination System?

Online examination meaning reflects computer software designed for teachers and schools to administer exams online.

Using the system, students can take their exams from anywhere and anytime and get their results immediately, one of the benefits of online examination system for students.


Supporting Indirect Questions

“Assessment may act as a trigger, informing examinees what instructors really regard as important and the value they attach to different forms of knowledge and ways of thinking. In fact, assessment has been identified as possibly the single most potent influence on student learning; narrowing students’ focus only on topics to be tested on (i.e. what is to be studied) and shaping their learning approaches (i.e. how it is going to be studied).”

Mohammed O. Al-Rukban, Department of Family & Community Medicine, College of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in Guidelines for the Construction of Multiple Choice Questions Tests.

For this, it’s vital that we address students directly but indirectly as well. Assessment experts advise to add some indirect questions to the exam: essay, audio, or visual questions, e.g.

These types of questions let Professors be creative, leading to an increase in the dispersion coefficient in every question and decreasing academic cheating


Types of Online Examination 

Whether it’s a restricted, open-book, or take-home exam, the advantages of online examination system are plenty! There are many types of online examinations. Here’s a list of them:

  • aptitude exam
  • writing exam
  • personality exam
  • placement exam
  • academic exam
  • achievement exam
  • diagnostic exam
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3. A Good Online Examination System Allows Live Proctoring Integration

Looking back over a year ago, D. Newton published a very eye-opening and dramatic report on the Washington Post that might look to you like it jumped out of a movie!

A student imposter cheating at an exam

The report tells us the story of a cheater, or rather an imposter, who was paid to take the place of at least a dozen students at 7 universities in exams during the pandemic.

This is not the first time something like this has been reported. And it won’t be the last time. The reason this imposter was caught is because of human proctors who were hired to test watch and detect any academic dishonesty.

One of the disadvantages of online examination system is that most of the good ones out there are expensive. However, some manage to turn this factor into one of the advantages of online examination system, when the system used allows live proctoring with good pricing, e.g., EaaS service (of the secret advantages of online examination system, Qorrect, offers).


4. Strong AI Proctoring Tools to Help You Administer Effective E-Assessments

In the rush to return to some normality and administer exams to students, many institutions rushed to online examination systems and apps without proctoring tools.

Remember that classmate you had back at school who used to cheat his/her way around the exam proctor without being seen at all? It might be all the proof we need that live proctoring might not always work.

AI proctoring tools are one of the fascinating advantages of online exams during COVID-19. They can immediately capture and detect the slightest behaviour and violation during examination on live video. They then analyze them and generate reports for the exam manager.


How Does Online Examination System Works with E-Proctoring Tools?

 A good online examination system uses many cheating-detection tools like:

  • Voice and visual proctoring of all student’s physical movements: proctoring exams through a camera and mic: the exam manager can view the student; complete control of live video feed remotely; ability to interfere at any time, allowing you extra exam security


  • Exam screen monitoring to control it: once the online exam starts, you can stop the student from taking any action you don’t agree with or goes against the test rules, e.g., opening another window beside the exam, as long as the exam time hasn’t ended yet. This whitelisting feature guarantees more exam security


  • Advanced, indepth reports elaborating all the data gathered related to cheating during the exam: especially cheat detection reports provided by the perfect e-assessment system.. When the student presses anything displayed on the screen during the exam, this action is automatically saved, analyzed, and added to immediately to the exam’s detailed reports the system’s powerful analytical tools offer


  • Effortlessly generating all-inclusive, accurate analytical reports of student performance during the exam and comparing it with his/her colleagues, giving your educational organization a sense of transparency and, consequently, leading decision-makers and State authorities to give vital recommendations, based on them.


This helps you meet or maintain the standards and quality of quality assurance and accreditation authority and agencies. It also greatly reduces wasting a huge amount of paper annually during exams; e-assessments and e-proctoring don’t require paper printing.

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5. Automated Exam Generation and Results

We give you just the right tools for automatic exam generation. Say goodbye to cheating by taking advantage of our blueprint feature. Generate a wide range of test forms to ensure equity among your students. Train examinees on final exams. Lead your own assessment journey

Designed by lead assessment experts in the field, Qorrect supports generating multiple test forms and takes your exam to the next level!

Once you set the rules that make your blueprint look good, automatically generate multiple test forms with the same criteria and for the same exam and shuffle questions and answers as you like.


6. Better Control, Reliability, & Security  

Good online examination systems let you take control with reliable security measures and caution against any cases of emergency. Now it just takes you a few clicks to start a well-built e-exam, generate different exam forms, and also receive instant results right away. 

Securing the exam completely and throughout the test cycle is a big deal in e-exams but with reliable exam security tools, encrypted data, safe exam browsers, and auto-saving features, it’s definitely doable.


7. Readiness for Cases of Emergency during Exams

There are many cases of emergency to consider in remote exams: power outage or sudden technical issues in the student’s computer

In these cases, the exam manager will have no way of controlling the exam. This is why powerful security features are necessary, one of the advantages of online examination system. Qorrect security tools help you administer exams remotely securely and on any platform

All answers are automatically saved once written so that in case the computer shuts down for any reason, the exam can run again afterwards in coordination with the exam manager

We’ve mapped out for you everything you need to know before picking the right e-assessment software for securing and proctoring your exams. However, the digital world is undeniably evolving by the minute and there’s still so much more for remote proctoring technology to give in the future

For this, we’re always on the move to develop more accurate tools to detect academic cheating, produce better extensive analytics reports, or equip you with powerful security means to boost your assessment process security.

Qorrect is leading the way to digitize exam proctoring and security; have a look yourself! So, if you’re looking for ways to start making your assessment process much better, you’re in the right place. Reserve a demo now.

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