Qorrect in Cooperation with Remark Office Organizes New Webinar to Digitize Paper-Based Assessments

Qorrect and Remark Office team in the Middle East & North Africa come together to organize on December 13, 7 PM Cairo time and 8 PM KSA, a webinar on paper-based assessments digitized for all teachers, professors, lecturers, heads of departments, and directors in all educational institutions.

The objective of the webinar is to help them get the digital transformation their exams deserve, but still use traditional paper-based exams at the same time.


From Paper-Based Assessments to Online Assessments

You Will Meet in the Webinar

  1.   Ashraf Salah (Moderator), CEO, Qorrect
  2.   Islam Darwish (Co-Moderator), Customer Success Manager, Qorrect
  3.   Ahmed Said (Speaker), Products Director, Qorrect
  4.   Ahmed Hafez (Speaker),  Head of Technical Support, Qorrect
  5.   Ahmed Hassan (Speaker),  Sales Director, Qorrect Egypt  


Titled “From Paper-Based to Online Assessment: Learn the Full Cycle,” the webinar will help you learn about the 4 phases of paper-based exams and their digitization journey and how to use the system capabilities to generate paper-based exams.

The webinar is also designed to answer all your questions on how to electronically mark your exam, common issues faced in paper-based exams and how to overcome them, and importing the results to Qorrect assessment system and analyzing the imported exam’s results.

 qorrect and remark webinar on paper-based assessments and digitizing them


Our speakers will walk you through the following topics:

  •         Paper-based exams generation through Qorrect assessment system: Benefiting from the assessment system: the exams generation journey, exam paper design and the answer sheet, and printing and use of barcode to link the forms, OMR-compliant (Remark)
  •         Marking your exams through Remark OMR: marking exams using Remark Office, common issues faced, and reporting and analysis
  •         Reporting and Analyzing results on Qorrect: electronic exam results and psychometric analysis reports

Don’t forget, our date is December 13, 2021 7 PM Cairo Time | 8 PM KSA. If you haven’t registered yet, here’s your chance AND it’s totally FREE. Certificates of attendance are available on completing 60% only of the webinar. Register now in Qorrect’s webinar.

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