5 Reasons Why You Should Use Online Exams Software

Online exams software technology has been embraced by top notch schools, universities, and training centers.

In a world where everything is becoming better virtual, the concept of online tests reliability is growing by the day.

As an educational administration, you made sure to motivate teachers, students, and other personnel.

You carefully planned for programs run at your university or school. You attentively managed the educational process of students.

Now let’s have a look at the last piece of the puzzle: acquiring the best secure online examination system in order to save time and money, have more flexibility and security, and obtain psychometric statistical analysis that helps in decision making.

We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve also thoroughly examined and analyzed data on the finest online tests technology for you to have a well-informed opinion before making any decision, introducing 5 reasons why you should use online exams software.

But first, let’s have discuss what online tests are and how they gained such credit.

What Is Online Exams Software?

Online exams software is a computer program used in conducting online or offline tests in order to determine the knowledge of test takers in a given subject.

Following the eruption of the industrial revolution in Europe, such systems were established, in order to have wide scale standardized tests.

test takers amazed colleagues excited by online win or result - qorrect assessment system

This concept was further maintained when public compulsory education was implemented. This is due to the need for high quality, equal education for all.

Now, online tests are no longer used only for standardized tests, however.

Currently, a great number of online exams software programs are used in universities, schoolss, training centers, and even in private tutoring.

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Qorrect Online Exams Software Helps You Proctor Exams

The best type of online assessment is the one that is reliable, objective, and secure, a test that assesses whether students understood the material and can apply what they have absorbed correctly.

Therefore, a comprehensive assessment system, like Qorrect online exams software, is the perfect solution for making exam creation.

It is designed specifically for you to manage the examination process, from exam creation and delivering it to test takers to the moment of showing test results, analysing them, and creating reports and more.

Question types you can make using such a system are, e.g., MRQs, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, ordering, true/false, and short-answer questions.

essay questions- complete the test - exam creation process - online exams software qorrect

Image from Qorrect online exams software: example of essay questions in the exam creation process

One of the most unique features of Qorrect assessment system is its ability to assess essay questions using direct grading. If you would like more details on essay questions grading in online exam software, check out our article “Can a Computer-Based Assessment Grade Essay Questions?

In addition, many believe that standardized proctored exams are more practical to assess the learning abilities and knowledge of students coming from all different cultures.

Therefore, providing educational institutions the option of standardized exams, if they prefer them, is another advantage of this online assessment software solution.

list of our client - qorrect online exams software

Some of Qorrect exam management software’s distinguished clients

Qorrect also allows them to take exams using several platforms: computer, mobile, tablet, or even paper, grades tests, and produces different reports on the results within a few minutes only.

But how do we choose the right system? And how exactly does it work? Let’s find out!


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Online Exams Software

  1. The software has a variety of questions to choose from in the question bank.
  2. Item banking adaptability
  3. Exam creation flexibility is a necessity; no one likes to be confined to a certain option all the time
  4. Psychometric analysis provided by online exams software helps in decision making within your school or university
  5. Course management is a an advantageous plus 



1. Question Bank: The Type of Exam You Want

A question bank is quite popular now among educational organizations and training centers.

Every day, there is a new training course or to learn about assessments online and how to have a credible, all-inclusive question bank.

A question bank is a secure system for teachers and professors to add different groups of questions with a variety of factors.

 Such banks work by setting clear classifications and psychometric characteristics for each and every question, e.g., its difficulty, cognitive level, learning objectives.

With Qorrect online exams software, you can store an unlimited number of items. You may also perform mass operations on a group of items to save your time and efforts.

The various powerful features of our question bank enable you to store, classify, import, and export items with just a few clicks.

Qorrect supports many types of questions (if you’d like to know how MCQ questions affect students and assessment quality, check our article “4 Ways a Perfect Assessment Boosts Higher Education Development”) to come up with a reliable assessment.

With time, you will be able to build your question bank and, consequently, create better questions, as per the quantity, quality, classification, criteria, and difficulty rate of these questions.

Question validation comes from importing the questions into various exams and then thoroughly evaluating them.

9 Different Types of Questions in Item Banking and More

  1. MCQ
  2. MRQ
  3. True/false
  4. Matching
  5. Extended matching
  6. Short paragraph
  7. Long essay questions
  8. Viva cards
  9. OSCI stations

exams item banking in qorrect assessment management system

Image from Qorrect online exams software: example of MCQ in item banking

8 Outstanding Features of Bank Questions:

  • Unlimited number of questions.
  • Supports mass operations on groups of items to save your time and effort.
  • Search and re-classification techniques for individuals and multiple questions.
  • Supports sending one or more items to start an exam creation process immediately.
  • Performs fast and powerful searches of item content, statistics, author, metadata, references, prior usage, stats, and more.
  • Supports the QTI import and export (QTI is a standard format for items or tests).
  • Traces item development stages (item life cycle).
  • Supports storing items with association to courses or topics.

2. Item Banking Adaptability in Online Exams Software

Great online exams software should support most types of questions, whether they are literally ones or complex formulas and mathematical equations, or images, drawings, symbols, and videos.

However, what happens when you decide to test your students but time is short? Sometimes, you just don’t have enough time to create those questions, in the middle of every other task you are doing at work.

This is where Qorrect exam management software comes in. Using it, it’s easy to create your questions or even just use pre-defined templates.

What Are the Features of Item Banking?

  • Permits authoring items using a rich slate of formatting and content options.
  • Supports complex formulas and mathematical equations.
  • Allows you to add images, drawings, symbols, videos, embedded links, and more.
  • Workflows can be customized to match your unique processes with tracking features for all tasks.
  • Can export all items writing tasks to printed forms.
  • Reviews and feedback can be conducted using either traditional paper-based or remote online review, using fully interactive items.
  • Specified reviews with identified participants.
  • Supports comments and reviews for each item as needed.
  • Supports pre-defined item and course specs templates.
  • Can detect duplicate items.

 Therefore, before making any purchase, you need to make sure the software you choose has a variety of options in item banking and authoring.

3. Exam Creation Process Is Smooth and Flexible

It’s no secret that exams are some of the best ways of evaluating students’ understanding and knowledge.

However, they can be extremely stressful to students as well as their professors. That’s why a lot of thought is put into the exam creation process of online exams software to make things a little easier and smoother for everyone involved.

More Than One Method of Exam Creation:

  1. Manual Selection: Select specific questions from the list. And randomly select questions from topic, or subtopics.
  2. Blue-Print Balanced Selection: Generate balanced exams based on specific criteria. Cover the aspects of the involved lessons to have a balanced exam that measures each of them fairly.

4. Flexible, Secure Exams Delivery

3 Different Methods to Deliver a Reliable Assessment to Students

Whether they are offline, online, or even through mobile phones, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what students and the educational institution administering the test prefer.

Therefore, getting all three methods to choose from is the choice we encourage you to go with! Qorrect online exams software gives you that choice:

1. Offline Exams Eliminate the Risk of Network Issues

We can never be 100% sure that all students have reliable network that will not be disconnected mid-exam. Moreover, unfortunately some very good network speeds can even slow down sometimes.


Exam security is a priority here. This is why exam management software, Qorrect, provides the chance to easily administer paper-based exams.

This way you can design your own bubble sheets, correct, and grade them automatically.

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What Are the Features of the Offline Exams Option?

  • Print or photocopy forms in-house, saving time and money.
  • Process multi-page and double-sided forms.
  • No need for corner marks or any other special marks on forms. Respondents can use pen, pencil, and even marker!
  • Place optical marks (bubbles), barcodes or computer-generated text (OCR) on forms to capture virtually any type of information (multiple choice questions, demographics, etc.).
  • Handle cross-outs, damaged forms, skewing, and multiple marks.
  • Support PC TWAIN compatible scanners or multifunction devices with scanning capabilities.
  • Capture handwriting as image snapshots and review in a single report.
  • Track changes made to data files for the utmost security or data can be completely locked down so that changes are not allowed.
  • Built with latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, with best practices and avoiding hacks and workarounds.

2. Cheat-Proof Online Tests: Test Takers Can Have Exams at Home

Online tests can be delivered to students securely via web and scored them instantly afterwards. Some professors prefer online tests due to its flexibility, less time, less paper waste, and consequently much less cost.

This is also a very simple option for you if you multiple candidates can complete the online assessment at the same time and there is no need for specialized (and costly) personnel.

test taker during online tests - offline exams

Currently, due to the emergency situation of COVID-19, many educational institutions opted to let test takers have their standardized exams at home, using their own devices.

This may result, however, in cheating on a wide scale, unless well organized (in “Cheating in Exams: Psychology behind It and How to Stop It?” we discussed all the different ways countries prevent exams cheating). Here are some of the tips on how to proctor exams and administer them easily with Qorrect online exams software:

  1. Students Can Take Exams at Home. Using Qorrect, teachers are able to create exams and deliver them to a student group or section at the same time. Students can take these tests using computers, laptops, tablets, or even their smart mobile phones. This way they can do their tests without having to be exposed to the virus by heading to the university.

Giving the school administration the peace of mind needed, exam  security is guaranteed in such online tests due to full control of the camera.

The invigilator can monitor the student’s own camera during the test, to prevent cheating.

  1. The ability to directly communicate with the invigilator. This was another challenge facing our ability to enforce remote testing in our computerized exams software.

What if students face some obstacle (any quick question to the invigilator) during the exam? The ability to communicate directly with the invigilator comes handy in this situation. In case a student has any question, he/she can directly communicate with the exam invigilator.

And vice versa, in case the invigilator needs to tell a student anything, they can instantly do this. Qorrect assessment software will be perfect in this case. 

  1. Controlling Students’ Screens. Qorrect team added a special feature to the invigilator’s user, that is, the ability to control what the students see and don’t see (they can’t open a new window or browser or any files, for example, during the exam). However, this feature is applied only after our team sets it up in the computer.
  2. Grading Exams Done in a Few Seconds. As soon as the exam is over, the student’s screen closes, the invigilators are notified, and their grade shows up.

If the student didn’t end the exam before the time ends, once the time is up, the screen closes and the result is revealed. Grading is done automatically and all reports on the student’s academic level and the test’s difficulty rate can be made in a few minutes.

This guarantees, to the student, that the results are not connected to other students. The student doesn’t have to wait until all their colleagues are done, at home, to see the result.

We’ve discussed this in further detail in our article “Exams Best Practices for Computerized Assessment.” 


15 Advantages of Online Tests

  1. They help you add multiple participants and automatically generate participant IDs.
  2. Professors are able to easily verify test takers demographic data.
  3. Exam invigilators can import participants, groups, and schedules from a file or a third party application.
  4. Automatic scheduling engine based on participants, groups, subjects, and testing-centers.
  5. Printable seating plans can be defined, and students automatically allocated to individual seats.
  6. You can also assign administrators to specific test centers.
  7. Timetables can be made available to staff and test takers through the web.
  8. Provide users with the facility to create a range of different types and layouts of exams.
  9. Prevent printing, screen capturing, and page saving.
  10. Disable control keys and task switching.
  11. Prevent new applications from opening.
  12. Score the objective question instantly after submission.
  13. Mark for review and mark for comments features.
  14. Automatic scoring for selected responses and mathematical responses.
  15. Manage the scoring of subjective questions online by the test author and reviewers.

3. Easily Get Your Students to Have Online Tests using Mobile Phones

Some people prefer using their mobile phones to computers. They’re even faster, not many option or background applications taking space.

make exams and deliver them using your phone - qorrect online exams software

Therefore, this kind of luxurious flexibility can be easily done now. Delivering exams using through iOS or android is a very much integral part of the Qorrect online exams software design, while making sure test takers cannot use other apps.

Advantages of using Mobile Phone in Exams

  • Accessible via mobile and touch-screen devices.
  • Support sound, video, images, animation, and more.
  • Autosave prevents progress data loss throughout the assessment process.
  • Add multiple participants and automatically generate participant IDs.
  • Organize participants into hierarchical groups and subgroups.
  • Import participants/groups/schedules from a file or 3rd party applications.
  • Mark for review and mark for comments features.
  • Provide users with the facility to create a range of different types and layouts of exams.
  • Score the objective question instantly after submission.
  • Automatic scoring for selected responses and mathematical responses.


5. University Decision-Making Based on Advanced Analysis Reports

According to UMAS Dartmouth, an effective decision making process goes through 7 steps: identifying the decision, gathering information, identifying alternatives, weighing evidence, choosing the best alternative, taking action, and finally reviewing your decision.

7 steps of effective decision making - university - online exams software

Image from UMAS Dartmouth: 7 steps of effective decision making in university fulfilled by Qorrect online tests system

With a wide range of analytics, including psychometric analysis and item response statistics generated from the results of any delivered exam, Qorrect helps you go smoothly through each and every step of towards the best decision:

  1. Get detailed reports about each element of your whole assessment process: items, exams, students and answers, in addition to an instant psychometric analysis.
  2. All of your essential reports for the current and past exam results in one module, in order to measure the performance of the examinees and the quality of your exams.

Computerized exams systems should be secure, easy-to-use, and simple. Find all 3 features by requesting a FREE demo now.

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4 Most Important Student Assessment Reports in Online Exams Software

According to “Analyzing and Utilizing Assessment Data for Better Learning Outcomes,” UNESCO, 2017, “The overall purpose of assessments varies from identifying factors in student performance, supporting education policy development, providing recommendations for curriculum review and reform, and monitoring the quality of education.”

Therefore, Qorrect online tests software provides a wide range of analytical and advanced reports. All student assessment analysis reports can be extracted in different types of files and sent to the relevant administrative bodies needed.

Here is an overview of the most important student assessment reports:

1. Comprehensive Reports: Measure students’ assessment data and produce comprehensive reports accordingly
2. Demographic Reports: They include graph showing the details of student’s response to each question
3. Cheating Detection Reports: It’s 2020 and cheating methods, whether in online tests or paper ones, are countless. This type of reports detects cheating in exams and lets you know all the required details regarding it. Moreover, they show whether students changed any answers, whether by mistake or not, limiting the possibility of exam cheating
4. Question Levels Reports: These reports, in exam management software Qorrect, answer the following questions in detail: Do the questions contain differentiation factors among students? What are the expected weights of each question? This improves the level of tests later on and raises proficiency exam creation as well

Manage and Organize Your Course Management

Having your teaching course one click away from you and on the same online exams software your educational institution uses is definitely a plus.

Whether you are a professor or biology or mathematics, you can build your course in the software by chapters, units, etc. and adjust them according to your personal preference.

Moreover, you will be able to see all the course details, the learning objectives, and teaching hours. This helps you connect the lessons to the bank questions and relate each question to them, adding its difficulty rate.

If you are looking to build a powerful structure for your course using your preferred criteria, have unlimited number of courses store, structure them with as many levels as needed, and identify and track their status, data, statistics, and reports, check Qorrect’s course management system and see for yourself!

All these features and more are available in Qorrect exams software! Have you tried it yet? Book now a free demo on our website to get to know more about Qorrect system!

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