New Partnership with EDF: 5700+ Student E-Exams Delivered

Qorrect is delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with the Education Development Fund (EDF), Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers, to power up Egypt’s technological institutions and start a new assessments’ success journey.

On July 4, Qorrect team signed a partnership with Dr. Ahmed Elhewy, Secretary General of the government’s Education Development Fund and the Advisor of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Technical Education, to conduct Preparatory school level’s aptitude tests for more than 5700 students in the EDF‘s four technical education clusters in Egypt: Al-Ameeria Integrated Technical Clusters in Cairo, El Faiyum, Beni Suef, and Asyut.

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Qorrect is a comprehensive e-assessments management system and a highly unique software designed to scientifically improve the testing cycle according to the most modern and internationally well-recognized assessment and education theories, with the following in mind: 

  • advanced item authoring tools and and an enhanced questions bank
  • online and offline exams
  • instant results reports
  • item enhancement and psychometric analysis and more

Our team’s partnered with high-profile institutions in the MENA region, one of which is Ain Shams University, on a mission to shape and lead the digital transformation in the fields of higher education and K-12 educational institutions as well as corporate training programs for all our partners.

Just recently, the aptitude tests, which run for a week or until there are no more applicants, were done for 5 groups of students, with different exam forms and timings.

 We were very excited to hear not just from the 3rd Preparatory grade students’ but also the parents after the exam was over. According to their review, this year’s exams were much more advanced, successful, easier, and unlike any other.

qorrect delivers e-exams to EDF

Both Qorrect team and the EDF received very positive feedback about this one of a kind experience for everyone. The reviews ranged from explaining how easy Qorrect system was to use and navigate even though the exams included 50 questions, in different exams forms, with only 1 hour to answer, to how much they liked that once a student finishes their exam, they immediately get to know the result and their right and wrong answers.

EDF declared, on August 1, on its official social media account the following:

In the framework of efforts by the Education Development Fund, under the Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers, to stay abreast of the direction the state’s taking towards digital transformation, setting a good example for all, the aptitude tests have started today electronically for the first time for students who want to join integrated technical clusters of the fund, at Al-Ameeria Integrated Technical Clusters‎‏, El Faiyum, Asyut, and Abu Ghaleb, taking all the precautionary measures to maintain students applicants’ safety.

If you would like to learn more about how Qorrect can help your institution, please get in touch with us and reserve a Free Demo right now on our website.

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