For Professors: 9 Best International Conferences in Egypt 2020

If you are a college professor, then international conferences—especially academic ones—are the best opportunity for you to follow up on what’s going on in your university, share your research with the world, and personally discuss it with peers of the same field. International conferences are also necessary for any researchers, …

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computer assessment in Egyptian universities

Exams Best Practices for Computerized Assessment in Egyptian Universities

Here are some of the best practices that will make preparing for assessment in Egyptian universities conducted with Qorrect assessment system super easy and effortless (check out our “2019 in Brief: Academic Assessment Software in Egyptian Universities“). Source: The Medicportal Many Egyptian universities have recently adopted Qorrect, the assessment system …

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2019 in Brief: Academic Assessment Software in Egyptian Universities

Egyptian universities adopting academic assessment software has been the most talked about topic within the halls of the Ministry of Higher Education and among academic staff in 2019.  2019 was not an exceptional year because it was only the end of an entire decade. It was also an eventful year …

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computerized exams - assessment

Can a Computer-Based Assessment Grade Essay Questions?

The implementation of computer-based assessment has raised a lot of questions regarding its ability to deal with essay question. This comes after the Ministry of Higher Education’s decision to apply this type of exams in Egyptian universities. Read our article on “Standardized Tests: History and Implementation in Universities.” In the …

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