About Us

At Qorrect, we strive to enhance and advance your assessment process.

Education As Our Focus

We understand the importance of education in today’s world, and we aim to enhance the learning process and all its supporting functions.

Enhancing The Assessment Process

The main purpose of Qorrect Assess is to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and simplicity of the assessment process to further improve the quality of education.

Dedication To Quality And User Experience

Qorrect is dedicated to providing the best possible quality and experience to its users. We are committed to develop, improve, and enhance our assessment solution so our users will continue to receive the best we have to offer.

What Is Qorrect?

Qorrect is more than an item bank. It is a comprehensive assessment solution designed to streamline and enhance your organization’s assessment process. With a vast variety of item creation and repository options, and numerous analytical tools and reporting features, Qorrect will provide you with an improved way of assessment.

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