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Qorrect.. Designed to Empower Institutions along Their Assessment Journey

We're your digital transformation partner of unparalleled expertise, to make it easier for you to manage the whole e-assessments journey. We guide you to create qualified, balanced exams, deliver them anywhere anytime, generate detailed reports, and analyze them. We love empowering our partners along their journey towards better assessments

Item Banking Success Amplified a Hundred Times!

Your hard work pays off! Qorrect's advanced item banking module takes your exam questions and sorts them out according to their difficulty levels. Then, analyzes them psychometrically, stores them according to their course structure, and links them to your learning objectives

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Our Exam Delivery Channels… Anywhere, Anytime!

We give you the tools, the strategy, and a wide variety of exam delivery channels to level up quality. Whether it’s online, offline, or paper-based, you get reliable exams anytime and anywhere… Your choice. You can lean on us to deliver your assessments

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Results & Psychometric Analysis…..Instant, Detailed!

It is not just about delivering exams and moving on. But we’re more about the journey itself! Our team leads you step by step through the assessment cycle, providing a wide variety of psychometric and statistical analysis reports, to reach a brand new and better cycle

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We Understand Your Needs

Designed for Institutions Like Yours

  • K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Corporate
  • K-12

    We believe that the right, balanced e-assessments are the answer to all teaching riddles that exist. Qorrect is more than just a system for our K-12 partners. Connect your exams to your courses and deliver them to your students anytime and wherever they are, and grade them instantly. They’re cheat-free, secure, and reliable

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  • Higher Education

    We're a team of digital transformation, education, and assessments experts here to steer your institution's assessments journey. We bring innovation and change to your assessments. With an unlimited number of questions available for you, everything still links together within Qorrect's comprehensive system. Enjoy item banking, multiple test forms, accurate grading, and powerful analytics reports

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  • Corporate

    We bring an unmatched arsenal of modules, tools, and expertise to your corporation. We get that managing the dozens of assessments run in your workplace can become frustrating and a bit complex. Whether they're program or promotion assessments, let us completely change your expectations! Assessments are now fun, accurate, and quick to handle

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All the Features You Need to Automate Your Assessment Process in One Place

With Powerful Features Designed to…..
Take Full Control. Do Less, Get More!

Item Authoring and Exam Creation Made Easy

It's a matter of science to us. Simply adding items without analyzing them in detail, putting them to assessment, and improving them is not an option! The inner works of our advanced items bank go by the most modern concepts and theories in assessments. Choose your exam’s characteristics and measure examinees’ capabilities to think and study

Reliable, Secure Exam Delivery Via All Platforms

Wherever secure exam delivery in all ways possible, at any time and any place, reliability, and cost efficiency, you'll see Qorrect! We empower you with hi-tech and tools powerful enough to ensure cheat-proof exams, in multiple test forms, online or paper-based.It’s computer, tablet, and mobile-ready. Try it now

Powerful Reporting System and Psychometric Analysis

Better results, less effort. Leverage both expertise and digital transformation and change how your results and reports system works. Tap into Qorrect’s visionary results and analytics module, where you can have access to a whole world of data on your items, exams, and more. They’re statistical, psychometric, and highly detailed

See How Qorrect Can Streamline the Assessment Process at Your institution

Meet Compliance Requirements and Get Accredited

This is the next step on your partnership journey with Qorrect for assessments. We understand that your end goal is delivering quality, accredited education. Measure students’ success and, consequently, evaluate your institution’s own success through scientific measurements. Partner with our team and you’re giving your institution a pretty smooth ride to getting internationally accredited

Supercharge Qorrect with Apps to Fit Your Needs

We’re friendly and like to play well with others! Qorrect assessment system integrates with more than one system, like LMS, CMS, and OMR: Moodle, Blackboard, Remark, and others. If your curriculums, questions, or exams are on a system like these, we’ll connect well together! Want to find out how? We’d like to share! Qorrect is fully integrable and LTI and QTI compliant

Flexible Hosting Plans and License Variations

We're driven by our passion to embrace education reform and innovation by implementing efficient and tech-advanced solutions everywhere, with no exception. You don't need to stick to one subscription module with us. Find the right option for you and become an education and assessments leader with us!

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