Our Reporting Algorithm Provides You With All Deep Insights About Your Exams

Get Detailed Reports about Each Element of Your Whole Assessment Process

Our advanced analysis module provides you with all required reports about items, exams, students and answers, in addition to an instant psychometric analysis.

Key Features of the Advanced Analysis Module

Minimum, maximum, and average scores and the time finished participants have taken

Minimum, maximum and average scores for each topic in the test.

Comparison of the participant's performance against other participants

Comparison of the participant's performance with other participants

Real-time summary reports for all scheduled tests.

Item response time.

Score certificates.

Psychometric analysis reports

Key features - advanced analysis module of  Qorrect

Item Statistics Reports Include the Following:

For Each Item For The Test For Each Student For Each Answer
 Mean  Max  Total score  Frequencies
 Variance  Min  Raw score  Percentages
 Standard Deviation  Median  Grade  Point Biserial
 Standard Error  Percentile scores  Number correct
 Min  Mean  incorrect
 Max  Variance  Unanswered
 Range  Standard Deviation
 Median  Confidence Intervals (1,5,95,99%)
 Skewness  KR 20
 Kurtosis  KR21
 T-Value  Coefficient (Cronbach) Alpha
 Confidence Intervals
 Point Biserial Correlation

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