Discover the Main Features of Qorrect Assessment Core Portal

Qorrect assessment core portal consists of four main modules that will help you to create the quizzes and
exams easily to achieve the most of your learning objectives.

Qorrect assessment - Course management screenshot

Qorrect provides you with unlimited number of courses to be stored, with a dynamic multi-level curriculum hierarchy.

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Qorrect assessment - Item authoring screenshot

Our system supports complex formulas and mathematical equations and allows you to add images, drawings, symbols and videos.

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Qorrect assessment - Item banking screenshot

You can store unlimited number of items, You can also perform mass operations on a group of items to save your time and efforts.

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Qorrect assessment - Exam creation screenshot

With our automatic balanced exam generation algorithm, You just have to set the exam criteria and Qorrect will do the rest for you.

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How Qorrect Can Transform Your Exam Creation Process?

Automated exam generation

Automated Exam Creation

It helps you to automate your examination process, The more you feed Qorrect with items, metadata, classifications, the easier you can generate exams.

Item bank mass operations

Item Bank Mass Operations

Qorrect supports mass operations across the item banks, exams, courses, and examinees, which will save a lot of time and efforts.

Psychometric analysis

Psychometric Analysis

With psychometric analysis each exam and its items are applied to many analysis levels, that aims to determine the quality of your assessment.

Dr Fathy Khodair

We are very proud to implement this system, and we hope it will be implemented in all faculties
in Egypt as a general method for exam creation and assessment

Prof. Dr.\ Fathy Khodair
Dean of Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University