Explore the uniqueness of our automatic balanced exam generation algorithm

Create multiple test forms for the same exam and
shuffle questions and answers

Our exam creation features helps you to create a balanced exam and prevent any potential cheating among examinees.

Two Methods of Exam Creation

Manual Selection

  • Select specific questions from the list.
  • Randomly select questions from topic, or subtopics.

manual and automatic exam creation
Main features of exam creation module

Blue-print Balanced Selection

  • Generate balanced exams based on specific criteria.
  • Cover the aspects of the involved lessons to have a balanced
    exam that measures each of them fairly.

You can easily create your exams based on different criteria

  • Exam Coverage: Subject, Chapter, Section, Lessons,
           Learning Objectives, etc.
  • Types of questions included in the exam.
  • Statistical indexes.
  • Cognitive level and skills measured.
  • Table of specifications and testing blueprint.
  • Exam settings (time, type, level, targeted examiners).

Key features of exam creation module

Allows multiple test forms for the same exam with different Items or the same items.

Shuffle questions: Makes questions appear in a random order for each exam form.

Shuffle answers: Makes answers appear in a random order for each exam form.

Generates tables and reports to assist the user during the creation of the test.

Supports manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic test generation.

Can exclude questions from the exam automatically or manually.

Attaches each examination type with a specification table.

Supports drawing Test Characteristic Curve (TCC) for exams.

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