We Provide you with the Up-to-Date Methods to Deliver your Exams Securely

Qorrect Enables you to Deliver your Exams via Papers, Computers and Mobiles

Exam delivery portal has three main modules with a three delivery methods, so you can choose the proper method to deliver the exams according to your institution policy.

Offline Exam
(Paper and Pencil)

You can autograde your exams accurately and analyze the results via the integration with Remark Office, the best OMR software in the world.

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Online Exam
(Web Delivery)

You can depend on our automatic scheduling engine to schedule and deliver exams based on participants, groups, subjects, testing-centers.

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Online Exam
(Mobile Delivery)

You will be able to deliver the exams to the examinees via their smartphones with the required procedures to prevent any potential cheating.

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How Qorrect Helps you to Deliver your Exams Easily and Securely?

Secured exam delivery

Highest Level of Security

Qorrect has a very sophisticated security features that will guarantee delivering your exams with a high level of protection against cheating attempts.

Bubble sheet design

Design Bubble Sheets Yourself

When you deliver your exams offline via papers, you can easily design your own bubble sheets and autograde them accurately using the attached OMR system.

Online exam delivery

Flexible Online Delivery

You can host the exam delivery process at your labs using your local network, or host it on the cloud so the examinees could access the exam anywhere through the internet.

Dr Fathy Khodair

We are very proud to implement this system, and we hope it will be implemented in all faculties
in Egypt as a general method for exam creation and assessment

Prof. Dr.\ Fathy Khodair
Dean of Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University