Deliver your Exams to Examinees Securely Via Web and Score them Instantly

Schedule Your Online Exams Delivery based on Participants, Groups and Subjects

With our online exam delivery, you can Import participants,groups and schedules from a file or 3rd party applications, plus assigning administrators to a specific examinee groups.

Key Features of Online Exam Delivery Module

Add multiple participants and automatically generate participant IDs.

Verify test takers demographic data.

Import participants, groups, schedules from a file or 3rd party applications.

Automatic scheduling engine based on participants, groups, subjects, testing-centers.

Printable seating plans can be defined, and students automatically allocated to individual seats..

Assign administrators to specific test centers.

Timetables can be made available to staff and test takers through the web.

Provide users with the facility to create a range of different types and layouts of exams.

Prevents printing, screen capturing, and page saving.

Disables control keys and task switching.

Prevents new applications from opening.

Score the objective question instantly after submission.

Mark for review and mark for comments features.

Automatic scoring for selected responses and mathematical responses.

Manage the scoring of subjective questions online by the test author and reviewers.

Features of online exam delivery in Qorrect

 Dr.\ Hesham Amer

The system guarantees the creation of a balanced exams that cover all aspects
of the academic curriculum and achieve the learning objectives

Prof. Dr.\ Hesham Amer
Head of general surgery department - Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University