Qorrect at the 12th Ain Shams International Conference “Partnerships and Alliances”

Redefining Assessment with AI and Computerized Adaptive Testing

30th - 31st May 2024

Triumph Katameya Hotel - Hall 2

The 12th Ain Shams International Conference, organized by the Measurement and Evaluation Scientific Association (MESA) - Association of Arab Universities, stands as a cornerstone event in educational innovation. It focuses on harnessing the transformative power of assessment methodologies to redefine educational policies and elevate student success.

Pioneering the Future of Assessment

Qorrect is honored to be a key sponsor and active participant at this landmark conference, dedicated to advancing educational assessment through cutting-edge technology. As a leader in digital assessment solutions, Qorrect utilizes AI and adaptive comuterized testing to revolutionize how assessments are conducted and their impact on educational outcomes.

Panel Participation with Safiya ElBedwihy: Gain insights from Safiya ElBedwihy as she contributes to the panel on "The Role of Computerized Adaptive Testing in Formative Assessments." Engage with the latest innovations that are setting new standards in the field of educational assessment.

Session Objectives

  • Enhancing Educational Assessments: Learn about innovative tools that improve accuracy, efficiency, and relevance in student evaluations.
  • Integrating AI in Assessment: See firsthand how AI and adaptive testing technologies are transforming the assessment landscape, making it more adaptive and insightful.

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This is your chance to engage with industry leaders and discover how Qorrect’s innovative assessment tools can help your institution achieve assessment excellence.

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